How mood affect health?

¿Cómo influye el estado de ánimo sobre la salud?
It is already duly proven that the concerns and stress have a negative influence on the human organism. On the other hand, when a person has the ability to take advantage of dramatic experiences, doing a reading positive, you are more likely to overcome the obstacles that arise that those focused only on the negative aspects.
Even found that in cases of disease severe, and even terminal, favorable mood strengthens the quality of life.

Humor is a way of referencing the reality by seeing the facts in a positive way, with joy and optimism, minimizing the gravity of any situation. When we have "sense of humor", have with a great capacity to generate positive, both in ourselves and in others inner States. At the same time, we can healthfully influence the way in which we perform mentally or physically.

Laugh, an excellent therapy

We have all witnessed of the incredible power that can have a laugh. Laughter It is highly contagious and, above all, creates an atmosphere filled with "good energy". When we laugh, we are releasing endorphins, which is beneficial to our health and well-being. In addition, the laughing we encourage around 14 facial muscles, chest and abdomen.
Here are some benefits which produced laughter in health:
1 reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood by regulating blood pressure.
2 causes the production of antibodies by activating protective cells that prevent the formation of tumors.
3. helps maintain the proper functioning of the coronary arteries.
4 helps lower glucose in the blood.
5 decreases the levels of stress.
6. it facilitates the release of fears and anxieties.
7. it promotes psychological well-being.

The positive side of life

Now that you know more in depth what means to have a sense of humor and some positive effect of laughter on the organism, are alternatives to connect you to that mood as healthy:
Abandons concerns: clear that all have them, but occasionally spends your time to enjoy a comedy, a delicious dinner, listen to good music or share with your family, providing a pleasant environment.
Strike up a pleasant communication: approach to persons with whom you have something in common and talks to them, proposing a topic of conversation which may arise interesting opinions respecting differences nurtures your vision about the world that surrounds you!
Acts for a good cause: be charitable, helping those who need you, improve your state of mind to appreciate the results. In fact, something for other people will make you feel better to you.
Ceases to focus your attention on the negative: of all the experiences we can learn something new, which will result, in the long run, profitable. You can see the "glass half-full" or "half empty", according to the perspective that you use. It depends on!
Please you: invest in something that you really want. It's okay to give a taste from time to time. Joy and good mood away from the disease.

A world of well-being

Good mood benefits not only yourself, but also spreads, can go beyond any barrier and achieve a response positive in others. Staying in this "tune" you're helping make your environment more happy and healthy.
"There are no major problems... There are great solutions". We invite you to think about this so that, from now on, always try to see your position from the "glass half-full". Recalls the importance of good humor and laugh more often! Your health will thank you...
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