Morning depletion: causes and remedies

A good breakfast can help us overcome that exhaustion and gives us energy to face the day. Don't forget to include fruit and fiber
Agotamiento matinal: causas y remedios
Has happened you ever? Get up in the morning and feel so tired, that even you mood is down, not wanting to face the day. Well certainly have rested well overnight is essential, but the morning exhaustion is not always due to this cause. Do you want to know why?
When we know that we have slept long enough, it is not normal to get up tired. We must realise that. According to experts, repeated morning depletion is a symptom of some diseases, and therefore something that should be in evidence with our doctor. You will learn what can be the cause.

Morning Burnout: symptoms

  • Possible dizziness to get up from the bed.
  • Feeling of dry mouth.
  • Diffuse muscle pain.
  • Gastrointestinal upset.
  • Chills.
  • Low voltage in the morning (hypotension)
  • Dryness of the eyes
  • Extreme tiredness that is improving as the morning progresses.

Possible causes for morning depletion

Prolonged morning fatigue is not a disease in itself, but the signal that something does not work well in our body. We are unable to recover and we don't have enough energy to meet our obligations. We all know that the not getting enough sleep tends to be the most common cause, but we are going to delve into other aspects that may bring further consequences for our health. Is also important to relate it to the following dimensions that we will point out to you, morning depletion be persistent, i.e. make it happen you at least for two weeks straight,

1. heart problems

Doctors often comment that the first hours of the morning are the most dangerous.
Usually talk is often called syncope by lowering blood pressure, which occurs due to a decrease in the cerebral irrigation. You must be well aware. If this morning depletion is repeated every day, and notes you without just energy or feel small dizziness, do not hesitate to call your health care provider.

2 hormonal problems: hypothyroidism

When we suffer from hypothyroidism, we present a deficit of thyroid hormones that alters the functioning of our body. This lack of hormones causes that our metabolism works more slowly and to lower our performance. We feel tired and apathetic, and it is usual that during morning this feeling of exhaustion is more accused.

3. emotional problems

Depresion simple
Experts often say that the way in which we face our mornings is the reflection of our physical and emotional health. It is that moment in which we have before us the day, to take charge of the children, meet our obligations... If our mood is not at their optimum level, any effort is going to become a mountain.
Depressions are often taken with muscle, with extreme fatigue pain with apathy and widespread sadness. One of the toughest moments is without a doubt is the morning, at dawn.

4. incorrect nutrition, extreme diets

dietas extremas
We must be careful with diet. Sometimes we set ourselves to follow a very strict regime where a very serious nutritional imbalance has just generated. So accused metabolic imbalances capable of producing us from fainting, disorders , electrolyte of sodium and potassium, which may lead to problems in the heart, to heart arrhythmias may occur. We must take this into account.

Fighting morning depletion

  • First, point out to you that if you feel exhaustion morning for at least two weeks, it is necessary that you go to your doctor. You can try a previously designated disease: a heart problem, hypotension, arrhythmias...
  • Take care of your emotional health. If to you wake up, you feel that you don't want to face the day and that he would like to stay in bed all day, ask yourself why. Face your problems, find emotional support in your family, your friends. Inspire you each day that begins. The tranquility and happiness is the increased energy that exists to combat fatigue.
  • Beware of diets you follow. Take care that you are not missing nutrients, which is a varied diet where you are also always well hydrated.
  • Never forget your breakfast. It is one of the most important moments of the day, by which you will get enough energy to combat fatigue. It includes the fruit and fiber. Dispenses with cow's milk and replace it with vegetable milk. Consuming fiber as oats for example. Apple with skin, strawberries or blueberries and walnuts also provide us with energy and improve our State of mind.
  • Prepare the things you need at night, so when you get up in the morning it will have everything ready and don't have more to sit down for breakfast with peace of mind.
  • Take infusions of ginger, ginseng and maca at least three times per week in your breakfast. They bring vitality, energy, and strengthens our physical state.
  • Carries a time in your life, always eat at the same times, lies eight hours a day, take time for you, walk at least half an hour daily, allows that you Sun.... and how you have designated above if you feel out of the ordinary, goes to the doctor.
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