What to do when you all go wrong

Qué hacer cuando todo te sale mal
At some point you've had those days of terror, where each of the things you do you leave evil, and you feel the easiest way out is to give up your goals and objectives to follow not failing; but it really is the last thing you should do, it would be best that you enfocaras in doing things that change your state of mood and change your attitude to receive best energies and make out well rid of these bad situations. Now we bring you some key points that you apply when it comes to having a bad streak.

Think positive

Positive thought and its verbal statement is an excellent tool to deal with any situation, thinks that things are going to come out well, before and during any challenge, and not just in bad times but in every situation in your daily life. Enjoy the good things that go, give you the courage to the blessings you receive to diary, your health, your family, your job and your work.
If on the contrary you have a constantly negative, thought your behaviour by logic will bring you negative consequences, this not only saboteas your life but your health, because that can come problems of tension in the body and stress.

Surround yourself with positive people

Like optimism, people who think positively will help you through the bad times, seeks frequent happy people that make you laugh and see the good things in life, and let yourself be infected. It is not necessary to stay away entirely from people who you identify as negative, but try not to frequent them much, spends more time with people who make you feel accepted and valuable.
To acquire the habit of thinking in a more positive way you can reflect on what goes wrong, write it on a paper and solve the why these things happen, how affects my behavior to move these things? If you have a journal or a notebook writes the feelings that you invade, let off some steam is one of the best methods that exist to download tensions.

You plan your goals

When you wake up it is good that you write what are the objectives of your day, what you dream of and with effort of insurance you will get all this so that you feel motivated despite the adversities, and not give for an answer.

It elevates your self-esteem

After a bad day, it is very common to feel bad inside and out, call someone that improves your mood, wear your favorite clothes, or go out to dinner at a place that makes you feel in harmony; take a cup of coffee, or wine, or stay at home and prepares a rich chocolate with your family, if you have time attends a beauty salon, do your nails, hair, makeup, and visualize yourself as the beautiful woman you'll be if you leave the worries behind.

Get what you like

If you like painting, music, cooking, gardening, dancing, anyway, whatever, do it, you will feel much more lively, competent and capable; You expulsarás the bad energy that you carry over and will be able to have peace of mind.

He smilesQue hacer cuando todo te s

Even if you do not feel anything when you are smiling your brain understands it as a signal positive and releases a substance called beta-endorphin, which generates sensations of pleasure and helps recover the body.

You take a few minutes to the relaxation of the body

To relax not only is lie in bed and watch TV, there are natural methods of relaxation which consist of active mental processes which leave the body relaxed, focused and calm.
Some relaxation techniques are carried out by means of meditation, are looking for a place where you can stretch, breathe deeply from the abdomen and takes all the air you can, take it to your lungs, this amount of oxygen will help destensionar your body and to control the anxiety. Performs this activity for about five minutes or until can feel tranquility.
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