8 tips to treat constipation in women

In addition to including fiber and plenty of water in our diet, physical activity will help to promote bowel movement
8 consejos para combatir el estreñimiento en la mujer
Constipation. who not has suffered ever? Problems with bowel movements are without a doubt one of the most common in the population. It suffers somewhat more than 20% of the people and, in particular, appears in women. Produces us swelling in the belly, abdominal pain, gas... We give you eight key so that you can resolve constipation.
According to statistics it is precisely women who suffer to a greater degree of constipation. Es why we want to give you some explanations and certain guidelines to ensure that you can meet with health this common reality. Takes note.

Why shown greater constipation in women?


The influence of hormones

Once again, our hormones are those that give us some predisposition to constipation. Todo is due to cyclic changes that occur with menstruation, variations that affect the intestine causing to move less, which becomes slower when making the necessary movements to promote her evacuation.

The influence of certain diets

Sometimes we start certain diets. Very restrictive regimes where we leave aside the fiber, where we do not provide enough nutritious variety to our dishes which, somehow, end up affecting the health of our intestines. We must keep that in mind and be careful with the kinds of diets that we continue.

Guidelines to treat constipation

1. complete breakfast

It is necessary to follow some specific daily guidelines. Breakfast is no doubt essential, where we will get a good supply of fiber. It is important that you include for example whole grains, oats, Bran, natural orange juice, vegetable milks, as that of birdseed are very successful. Fruits such as plums, as well as any infusion as it is the case of Chamomile or Pennyroyal Mint also can help you to solve the constipation.

2. light dinners

Sometimes we make the mistake of dine late and so abundant. Whether it is because our work or our obligations we are determined to do so, or because we came late to home and hungry, we get to do things and we end dining to quite advanced hours. It is an error. We know that during the night the emptying of the stomach, is delayed which makes that intestinal transit go slow. This makes that go little by little, holding more than usual, to favour the constipation. According to doctors, the last meal of the day should be light and done early, and two hours before going to sleep.

3 choose well vegetables

Berenjena para adelgazar
We all know that vegetables and legumes are excellent to regulate our constipation. But we have to see how we feel. Keep in mind that for example, broccoli, cauliflower and artichokes cause flatulence and sometimes are not as good as we think. Sometimes salads at night are not so successful, since the lettuce and many green leafy vegetables also cause us gas. But every person acting in different ways, so it is you who should notice it. Eggplants for example are always very successful.

4 fruit with skin

La cáscara de manzana te ayuda a adelgazar
Whenever you can, eat the skin, as well as the pulp of the fruit. For example, it is recommended that at noon, if you're feeling hungry, you take an Apple with skin. And at breakfast, when you get a natural orange juice, not you remove pulp. They are excellent to promote the movement of the intestines. Pears, kiwis, strawberries, grapes and plums you also will help in cases of constipation.

5 beware of diets

Beber agua
Whenever you want to start a diet, must look at that it be varied and have basic losnutrientes cover: a good supply of minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber. Fiber is essential, as well as the necessary contribution of liquids. Never neglect to drink at least two litres of water a day and natural juices.

6. Yes to olive oil

Beneficios de incluir aceite de oliva en la dieta
Sparingly but salad dressing for our meals. It is perhaps the only contribution of recommended fat that is going to help. Include - in moderate amounts - olive oil in our meals, will favour the bowel movement thus avoiding constipation. So don't be afraid to include it.

7 beware of forbidden foods

Evitar engordar si comemos dulces
To combat the effects of constipation have to avoid eating all those foods that are difficult to process by our body, and that are harmful: flours refined, fried, seasoned, industrial products, sweet... all this extra intake of sugars and fats is making harden feces, making its elimination. The cheeses and rice have a similar effect, so the ideal is to moderate their intake to avoid constipation.

8. A little exercise

Not cost you much. Try to leave at least half an hour every day walking, cycling, swimming... If you do it with a friend you will be easier, for example. But do some exercise within your means, will help you to accelerate intestinal transit. Do not hesitate, it is good for your health and to prevent not only the constipation, but many other diseases are you waiting to start today same?
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