Characteristics of the brown sugar

Características del azúcar integral
It can be known by several names: black, moreno, rubio or raw and is characterized by Brown because of its molasses content. It is not refined (or partially) and is humid. Learn more about the characteristics of the brown sugar.

How is the brown sugar made?

This type of sugar comes once added molasses to white sugar, to reduce costs. But can also be manufactured with sugar of beet. It is much thicker than the refined and molasses can be separated without any problems if it washes. The molasses is obtained from sugar cane.
In the case of the artisan production of sugar moreno mixing white granulated sugar with molasses, getting a dark-colored food.
In terms of its nutritional content, is less than the white sugar. This is because presenting water. Similarly, the difference is not huge: 100 grams of brown sugar contains 373 calories and the same amount of white sugar, 396.

What is the natural brown sugar?

It's the sugar that occurs in the first crystallization of cane and contains more molasses, i.e. more amount of minerals. Some natural sugar are muscovado sugar or turbinado. The first is well dark and raw, its extract is heated and evaporates in the Sun and then crushed. The second is obtained thanks to the crystallization of the juice of raw sugar which is then centrifuged to remove water and dirt.

White sugar or brown sugar?

For comprehensive sugar stops the process of refining, which then leads to white sugar. In this, the final product is sucrose, which does not supply of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. The brown color is attributed to the remainders of molasses that are not eliminated by "bleaching" treatment.
It is good to keep in mind that for being dark doesn't mean to be integral in many cases, since you can have been obtained after adding dyes, such as candy. Therefore, you must be careful when purchased and consumed.

Cons of refined sugar

The body needs to provide vitamins to absorb the refined sugar , because this food does not provide them. Therefore it is said that "empty calories", that is, without any nutritional contribution consumed. On the other hand, do not contain fiber may cause hyperglycemia, consuming the same amount of sugar that brings a fruit but an infusion or preparation, because the absorption is immediate.
So, to summarize, refined sugar increases the requirements of vitamins that the body needs and the integral is absorbed better, since it provides vitamins and minerals for your digestion.
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