What are the 'fat burning' foods?

Broccoli and peppers are rich in vitamin C, which helps to process fats faster.
¿Cuáles son los alimentos “quemagrasas”?
Can you name quickly 10 foods that burn fat?... do not have no idea? Actually there are a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that can help you burn fat and if you incorporate them to your diet can help you lose weight.
They are also known as "negative calorie foods" and have what is known as a high value "thermogenic". In other words, these foods use more calories than others to carry out digestion. This process speeds up your metabolism and therefore a greater fat burning occurs.
The nutrients in these foods that help in the breakdown of fat deposits and make it easier for your body to remove it. In addition, when your body is well nourished it has a positive effect on your blood sugar level. Regulate the blood sugar level is the most effective method to maintain the ability to burn body fat through the Elimination of hunger.
It is nothing miraculous and must complete with physical activity at least 30 minutes, two or three times a week, if you really want to get away with the fat.
We must incorporate some foods to all our meals to ensure a healthy diet which, coupled with the continued exercise, it is the key to lose pounds and, above all, fat.

Foods that help to eat fewer calories and burn fat

  • Water. Obviously, it is not a food itself, however, to drinking water help get rid of the toxins that contains our body, hydrating and collaborating in the digestion of food. Water produces a feeling of satiety which makes that we eat less.
  • Fiber-rich foods. By eating foods with a high level of fiber you feel satiated before and eat less. These foods do not burn fat, but help you eat less.
  • Green tea. Is, without a doubt, the great ally of diets to lose weight. It is a great fat burner because it accelerates the metabolism and caffeine (or protein, is the same substance) also helps to burn more calories without activity.
    • Vitamin C. Foods such as broccoli, peppers, kiwi, lemon or grapefruit, among others, have a large amount of vitamin C which helps to process fats faster and thus also loses weight faster,.
  • Dairy. Foods, such as milk or yoghurt and cheeses eliminate the activity of calcitrol, hormone that retains the fat.
  • Proteins. They favor the creation of muscle mass, which is essential for weight loss. It is important to choose proteins (meat, fish, chicken) that have less fat because if not, the results will not be the same.
Note that the consumption of foods that burn fat can be a formidable support, but must be accompanied by a general discipline. In other words, logically you can eat tons and think that you drinking green tea already compensated. The effects of these foods usually fluctuate between 3 and 10% increase in metabolic activity and calories burned during the day.
You can help to consume other foods that curb your appetite, like those who are rich in fibers, that you provide a valuable also helps to keep the feeling of satiety for longer and thus, ultimately, need to eat much less than usual.
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