Tips to remove negative energy in the House

Air your House often and let the sunlight to flood all the rooms. It is a natural purifier that will help you to feel better
Tips para sacar la energía negativa de la casa
Our home should be our refuge, the place where we felt free and relaxed, where we can alleviate the stresses of everyday life. But many times with so many problems the atmosphere becomes tense and rather than what I should be for us, a refuge becomes a stressful and unpleasant place.
Pay attention to the situations that you've recently lived in your House, if they have been common in discussions of couple, with children, among others. It is likely that the House is flooded from negative energies that we produce little. Even the presence of negative people can influence the atmosphere of your home.
Many times the best way to change this situation is to make an internal change, a deep reflection on our lives, our relationships, and everything that surrounds us.
In addition to this internal work, we can implement some Tips that will help to dispel those bad energies that fill our home, producing positive reactions to the inhabitants thereof, as well as for those who visit us.
If you suddenly notice certain changes for anything positive, constant mood changes, fights, if you don't feel comfortable / in your own home means that it is time to act.


  • Connoisseurs of the subject claim that it is not good to collect things and less if you are already using the us. This also help improve the energies in your home, will succeed have a more orderly and pleasant home.
  • The Sun is a naturalenvironments Purifier, so you must open your windows and leave your home to receive the Sun's rays whenever you can.
  • If you've inherited furniture or else it would be good to perform a ritual of cleaning by means of incense, these objects could bring about negative energies of the place where the votes come from.
  • Proper ventilation in your home is also very important, the air must be renewed at least three times a week, open doors and windows for this purpose. Not keep curtains and windows closed for a long time.
  • Fruits also help to remove bad energy, so remember to always have fresh fruit in the kitchen or dining room.
  • The plants are equally beneficial to promote peace in the home.
  • Another effective way would be to clean your floors with a mixture of salt and water, about 6 tablespoons in a bucket of water.
  • The cactus will serve to repel bad energy, place them near a window, always on the outside.
  • Another option and very good is listening relaxing music in your home, this be achieved balancing your mind and ward off any negativity.
  • Also aromatherapy uses, there are several essential oils or incense that will help purify your home.
  • It is very important to also maintain order and hygiene in the home, the disorder more dirty things attract bad vibes.


MeditarCasa (1)
Meditation does not stop being another very good option for cases like this, in addition to cleaning your home from any negative energy, is very positive to clean your mind also. Get rid of all tension, imagine everything you want, without fear, without ifs and buts, deeply analyzes your inside so you can get the better of you and offer it to your loved.
A disturbed mind can not demonstrate their greatest potential, removes the obstacles that often put ourselves, live your life intensely. Fight for your dreams which have to be complied with. Imagine, dream and believe in them.
A change of attitude renew to any person, love and struggle to be better every day. Keep in mind all these tips and enjoy a harmonious home like you and your family deserve.
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