How to prepare the skin for the Sun

Cómo preparar la piel para el sol
When the beautiful days of spring, all we think is go out in the Sun, take away the cold of winter and start to imagine what will be summer vacation. Health and beauty experts recommend to begin to prepare, before the luggage, skin, because it is the more recent with UV rays. Some tips in this article on how to prepare the skin for the Sun.

4 steps to prepare the skin

First thing that you must do to make you skin is in perfect condition at the beach or when you decide to lie down in a park in the lunch hour is exfoliate it. So, clean it properly and remove all those impurities to which it is subjected on a daily basis, especially in the winter when "both not shown" and we neglect it slightly. It is true that cold not we humectamos it as it should, or that not we pay attention because it is under pants or the sweaters.
You can use a bought scrub or you can prepare your own with sugar, honey or oatmeal. Apply evenly all over your body, but especially in the face and shoulders. Important thing is that you deshagas dead skin cells and leave space for the new skin. You can buy a glove of sisal, effective in these cases, because in turn it reactivates the blood circulation and reactivates cell renewal, allowing more oxygen and 'air' to the dermis.
The second step is the deep hydration. As mentioned above, in winter do not pay attention to the skin, if it is dry, with "flakes", etc. once it is free of impurities by exfoliation, what we must do is to hydrate. Care creams are different face than for the rest of the body. You can get a product for each part, for example, to hands, arms and legs, feet, etc.
It is important that moisten the dermis in depth, provide you softness and luminosity and continue with pre-cleaning. With already open pores, skin receives better benefits of the chosen products. For the face, a hydrating according to the type of skin that protects it from external such as the Sun, the sand, the wind aggressions It should be fresh, hydrated and glowing.
The third step is to follow a proper diet, taking care of what they eat every day. Is no good use the best and most expensive creams to exfoliate and moisturize if then within ourselves we don't care. Carbon-rich foods are ideal in this case. For example, in this group we find melons, apricots, tomatoes and carrots. They stimulate the synthesis of melanin and help you get a better Tan, more even and uniform. Every morning, consumed on fasting juice of one lemon and mineral water to fill a glass.
You will allow you that your skin is red, purify it, and will also be a barrier of any disease summer (taking into account that the temperature drops at night and that to be all day sunbathing body heated). And finally, don't forget the vitamins and antioxidants which are important not only to prepare for the summer but also for your life all year round. For vitamin A consumed fish such as salmon or mackerel and for vitamin E, vegetable oils and cereals.
The last step of these four is to acquire color before you jump to the sea or the swimming pool. How? With a gradual approach to UV rays. And, to be honest, we all like to get to the beach with some previous color, to not look like a ghost. To do this, adds some minutes of sunshine to your daily routine. For example, when you go for lunch you can go to a park and take advantage of "toasting" you a little, at least the face and décolleté. Do not abuse the equally. Do it slowly, adding a five minutes each week. They are not advisable the suntan or the make-up because all that is temporary and at the same time, they clog the pores and remove brightness to your skin.
Ideally, once you have performed the other steps, start slowly to sunbathing. You have several months ahead since it begins the spring until at last so long-awaited vacation arrived. Take advantage of the weekends or any free time you have. Remembers allowed timetables to get a Tan and that day also clouded the rays of the Sun are present. It may be the most dangerous because to not give account we stayed longer periods without protection. At the same time, don't side sunscreens. Also you can incorporate a little lower each time one factor. It begins with one high and view changing every fifteen days, for example.
Remember that nothing there is worse than a burn on the skin when we are on the beach, or what is even more frightening when we are in labor time and have to return to the office and put on. For this reason, be very careful and sees gradually incorporating tanning habits. You are really beautiful for your vacation.
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