How to protect against negative energies

Family arguments can be made that our home is filled with negative energy. To clean the House, we must leave to run the air and the Sun to illuminate the rooms
Cómo protegernos contra las energías negativas
The negative energies are something that many people try to avoid, especially at home, it is the resting place where it is expected to find a peaceful atmosphere free of bad vibes. However, also you should seek to keep them away from the place of work or study, since its appearance can affect your day and prevent things you go as you expect. Luckily, there are several ways of coping with the bad energy to avoid that they alter our emotions.

What are negative energies?

They are energies that interfere in aspects of emotional, spiritual, physical or mental, avoiding that we find the tranquility and generating some feelings like anxiety, anguish, depression and lack of concentration.

How to protect us against negative energies?

Coping with negative energy is the best way to prevent that our life and, especially, our thrillto takes. There are several ways to avoid or protect themselves from all the bad vibes appearing in day to day to take life with a better attitude and away stressful moments. Below we share some recommendations:
  • Away the fears: on occasions, negative energies are created by fears, insecurities, or negative thoughts, among others, that only we can control assuming them. Is very important to identify the source of these fears and try to tackle them to feel freedom and safety.
  • Positive thinking: although perhaps not put it into practice very often, a positive mindset is the best way to keep away the bad vibes and good emotional health. Learn to control the bad moments and try out the friendly side may be the main key to overcome them and ward off negative energies.
  • Load a clove of garlic: this ingredient is considered an amulet that repels safely the bad energy and envy, among others. He is recommended to take a clove of garlic inside a cloth or fabric in the bag or wallet.
  • You have about thyme essential oil: an esoteric practice consists of applying a drop of this oil behind the ears or wrists to ward off the bad vibes.
  • Take a branch of ruda: ruda branch is said to be the ability to move all kinds of negative energy, either a bad moment or caused by a person. The ideal is to always have some branches of this plant or put some leaves in the workplace.

How to remove bad energy when they are in our House?

When there are discussions, between the couple, with children or between siblings, is very likely that the House is full of negative energies and an unhealthy environment for the family. Given this, the best thing to do is to make a change and try to delete everything that can generate bad vibes.
  • To get rid of the unnecessary: Having too much sometimes can affect the energy of home, since it is ideal to maintain the renovated and organized environment.
  • Open Windows and doors: Let air in and out of the House is a good alternative to "clean house", to let a little sunlight.
  • Incense: Since ancient times, people have used incense as an ingredient for fresh air from the home and remove the bad energy.
  • Salt water: The mixture of these two ingredients is ideal to clean the spaces of home and change the negative environment.
Cómo-eliminar-las malas-energías-cuando-están-en-nuestra-casa
  • Aromatherapy: The use of essential oils or incense in different areas of the home can help relax the family and create a more pleasant environment.
  • You have plants inside the House: in addition to having a clean and quiet air, plants helps to keep away the negativity and attract good energies to our House.
  • Clean frequently: The accumulation of dust, dirt and garbage, among other impurities, can create a heavy atmosphere, which you can see reflected in the emotions of the family. Is very important to frequently clean all areas of the home and attempting to renew the spaces to give a different from the House air.
  • Dialogue: Finally, it is key to learning how to gather family and calmly discuss things that are not of agreement or suggestions for a better living together. Family, express feelings and maintain strong ties is one of the best ways to remove negativity from the home.
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