Don't let your wounds to turn you into someone you're not

We must not let our past to condition our present or our future. We must learn from the experience, but let it go.
No permitas que tus heridas te conviertan en alguien que no eres
Is always necessary to know when a stage of life is finished. If you insist on staying in it beyond the time, you lose the joy and the sense of the rest. Closing circles, closing doors, or closing chapters, as you want to call it. The important thing is to close them, and letting go moments of life that are closing down.
Can not be in the present missing the past. Not even asking ourselves why. What happened, happened, and release it, must be rid. We cannot be eternal, nor adolescent children late, nor employees of non-existent companies, or having links with who does not want to be linked to us.
The facts go and let go!
Paulo Coelho

It is normal to review our past, that apply their teachings and feel their pain; However, the bad thing is at times we got used and live permanently in it. This causes us a wound past, present and future that is embedded and becomes infected as we touch it.
It can be normal and that we are accustomed to it, but live with our emotional wounds permanently open prevents us from walking; i.e., not let us enjoy what we have or tie with force present.

Emotional vertigo: not to say goodbye

Fear to let go, to say goodbye and closing stages has a name: emotional vertigo. One of the fears is purest that exist and consists of fear to face the emptiness that leads to the loss of someone, something or simple everyday life that surrounds us with fear.
One day, suddenly, you feel vulnerable and irascible, you get to win leave everything and flee, but you can't. Stations that you live in an emotional roller coaster, insecurity reigns in you and that you're not able to control the situation. All of these emotions you drown and you don't see the bitterness out.
You feel that if you go from the script that you have established in your life, you cause a catastrophe of immense magnitude. To move forward we need to work much, dive inside yourself and try to complete yourself, no magic formulas, the solution is within you.
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Disinfect our wounds

What once enjoyed, never lose it. All that we love deeply becomes part of ourselves.
Bernardo Stamateas
The wounds of the soul are filled with pain, rage, spite, disability, loneliness, betrayal, lack of support, misunderstanding, sadness, longings, deception, guilt, own and others who have made it increasingly more painful. For this reason, this step of one of the most difficult to carry out. To heal our wounds have to:

1 locate them

Our wounds produced a characteristic sadness that paralyzes us, blocking any possibility of leaving afloat. Thus, we inquire within ourselves and find that pain that we don't want to think. Finding the right answers should be asking many questions such as: where does it hurt? How long? Why can it be?

2 talk about them

It is said that, sometimes, what a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speak to you but a patient heart that hear you. In this case, in addition to being willing to talk, we need someone to hear us.
As we have seen, our wounds not only pain, but they also limit us. In fact, the more serious are, most do so. Weather we have been experiencing them, we have to empty and delete from our inside everything you have quiet should not matter.
We tend to apply the law of silence, thinking that he is the best, because say out loud with our feelings and thoughts seems misguided. Nothing further from reality, speak and get what we carry in acts as a restorative balm.
madre hija

3. drain them

Our past emotional wounds fester feelings, emotions and thoughts that we harm. For this reason, we must fail to perpetuate his stay in our interior, because they live at our expense and inflamed areas damaged to the absolute limits.
To drain your wounds you have to do is cry. Cry always expel part of our pain. It is silent, get crazy, it breaks roles. Get what you want, but your suffering death sentence.

4. leave that they escuezan

At the beginning, always doing something different costs, but all habit is habit. Make you aware that the wound hurts because you're acting on it, thereby avoiding injury is ignored and your pain to take root.

Heal the wounds present in our emotional past

Sometimes we hope that things will change alone and, as nothing does, not we have another remedy that change us. It is important that you close your wound and don't let that nothing else is going to stop inside. Not the things, darning, is to note that something tore and you recompusiste your pieces.
Uses a good needle and renew your inner. Always remember that there was something that broke within you, something that was a before and an after in your life. Don't be ashamed of carrying the banner of the scar, that makes you a new person capable of much more.
Make like the Japanese. When an object of broken, repaired the damaged area by filling in the cracks with gold dust. This art, the Kintsukuroi, aims to make the damaged piece even stronger that what was previously. IE defect that originated after the accident are now the most strong and beautiful part of the piece.
This is the best way to heal our wounds, making the pain and overcoming a pride in our distinctive part. Because, at the end, and after the our experiences and our learning make up who we are today.
You'll change to heal your wounds, stop being who you are not and you will accept you. There will be no wounds that you are caught or sadness in the blackness. At the end, and after the is deal with, accept and continue walking along the path of life without wounds you trapping.
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