Why do we have nightmares? How to avoid them?

¿Por qué tenemos pesadillas? ¿Cómo evitarlas?
Nightmares. They cloud our rest and compel us to wake up wrapped in a State of fear and anxiety. Why the reason brain idea those distressing feelings? Is there any explanation? There are many factors that determine them. You explain why they occur and how to avoid them.
The brain and our bodies have the biological need to rest and achieves a dream deep, whereby, to carry out its basic functions. While we are in this "dream" world, not just get a restful for our body. Our brain meets some essential functions to integrate memories, knowledge, new experiences... is incredible its intense activity while we are sleeping. Nightmares appear in a very specific moment that we then reflect you. The way of avoiding them depends on spatial factors.

What are the nightmares?

  • The nightmares are dreams full of negative anxiety and fears. Distressing situations that accelerate the rhythm of our hearts and that produce us anxiety. When we sleep, in our brain begin to happen a few chemical processes that make our neural networks, to pass through five different stages that repeat three to five times throughout the night.
  • The first four matches of a pleasant rest. Lowers the heart rate and breathing rate and brain waves become slower. But in the fifth stage, is called paradoxical sleep or REM (rapid eye movement). It is a much more active stage and where appears an eye movement quickly under the eyelids, rises the pace heart and breathing and brain activity increases. Is where are the dreams... and the nightmares.

When we have more nightmares?

  • Are usually suffer more nightmares in childhood and adolescence. It is from age five when they arise, and the explanation that is at this age when they are more recurrent is due to what went through periods of learning, new experiences, there where tend to arise more tensions, doubts and anxieties that are slowly shaping our personality.
  • A part of this vital period of development in the person where nightmares are more frequent, arrival adulthood it is normal to have one or two nightmares per week. One fact to consider is that it is necessary to remember a dream or a nightmare, that we despertermos the end. Sometimes we went from a sleep cycle to another without waking us, so that we don't remember clearly what we have dreamed of. But the most distressing nightmares accelerate greater our heart rate, and this means that at the end we awaken startled with the image of those unpleasant dreams.
  • It through moments of stress, anxiety, or periods of many concerns, will make that the appearance of nightmares increase. We must take this into account.

The nightmares and the moments of anxiety or stress in our daily lives

Stressful situations to viivimos during the day, can cause that our dreams become nightmares during the night. But why? you might wonder. The brain always needs a way of releasing tensions, and these translate into the dream world in images full of negativity, images sometimes masked under surrealism where we usually feel threatened.
Having nightmares is something as normal as having an erotic dream, but we must bear in mind that when it increases its frequency beyond the two times a week, this is without a doubt that there is something in our lives that is not going well. Exists as an emotional tension from which we can not deliver us. A problem with our partner, the loss of someone dear, tensions at work, traumas of the past, we have not been able to resolve, or health problems that we are concerned. Meet our daily concerns will be a way to get our nightmares fade little by little.

How to prevent nightmares

Sometimes is not enough to put a Catcher of dreams the head of our bed. The main thing is that we we clear that nightmares are nothing more than that, negative dreams which tell us that there is something which concerns us, what is something that we have to face in our lives. We can follow these steps to avoid them.

Face the reality to prevent nightmares

Whenever you have a nightmare, you try to write it in a booklet detailing everything what you remember. It is possible that you can reinterpret some aspect: who leaves in it, is someone you know? Did you feel a need to escape? Where was it developed? Occasionally there are dreamlike images that psychologists tend to easily be associated with stress: which pursue us, fall into the void, passing through areas where there are fires, heavy rains, or even leaving bare home, is always related with our insecurity, our fears and anxieties.

It improves your resting habits

I am sure that you have ever. For example having a pillow that you got the back or an object in a particular place, and dream that someone is scratching you back. Any stimulus that we have in our room will determine our rest, whether they are noises, smells... etc, since the brain tends to integrate sleeping outside stimulus. How to improve the rest then? Ideally would be placed for example air fresheners, or flowers such as Lavender our around. They are relaxing and evoke restful sleep. The smell of roses is also very relaxing, and will help you to have a peaceful sleep.
Try to avoid heavy dinner, bedtime always at the same time. Prevents computer or mobile, take before bedtime, let them already at least two hours of going to bed. Artificial waves of these devices do not cause we only insomnia, but it can cause headache, which can lead to appear also nightmares when you feel this physical discomfort.
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