Be careful with the highly dangerous relationships

Cuidado con las relaciones altamente peligrosas
Maintain a healthy emotional relationship and lasting, is something that many of us wish. But all know that sometimes it hard to find that ideal person and that there are times that inadvertently make mistakes. Mistakes that hurt us, plunging us into the bonds of a couple with an affective style which can seriously damage our health. Explain it to you.

Affective styles that we must avoid

We know, we can not always choose people of which we fell in love... just happens. We just let ourselves go and commit ourselves to personalities, that far from bring balance and happiness, make us suffer. We invest time, hopes and high emotional costs. Our self-esteem is threadbare little by little, we feel empty and disillusioned, despite continue to love the person in question. But we must be careful and react in time. Remember that your emotional health comes first, and if you don't feel well, if t unhappinessand goes to catching little by little, you must react in time until you're done breaking you further inside.
It is worth knowing then the affective styles that you should avoid, or at least take them into account for our sake. It does not cost anything.
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1. harassing love

Surely you recognize these people: are profiles looking for always being the center of attention either with partners or other people around them. They are the main focus where centralise needs, ideas and purposes. They tend not to take into account their partners, and if they do, is through blackmail. They are dominant, possessive, and at the same time give the image of true victimhood. They require much attention and love, but it is a selfish love that causes damage to their partners.

2. the suspicious love

The same word says so. They are people who, even though we show them our love, never have enough or do not believe us. They are jealous, and suspicious of almost everything, from what you say and what we showed them... because you are always going to find something with what you feel that suspected eternal. The love they give us is very ambiguous, they can't prove it and not receive it, since they think they are going to be betrayed. Loving people and implies a high emotional exhaustion.

3. the subversive love

They are saboteurs. Business strategists who manipulate us so we love them in his own way. Us dominate and vetoed us freedom, even being ourselves. Wish that they want to "in its own way". And this also means that they need some freedom to not feel "tied", that is why sometimes you see normal even the betray us and go with other couples. It's something that just much injuring people who are with them. You have to go carefully.

4. the perfectionist love

None of what you do will be enough for him. Are meticulous, meticulous, have their own vision of things and expect that everything, absolutely do everything according to his ideas and patterns. They are very rigid and relationships full of emotional costs for you. They are also people who look down on others, that mock and day by day, they undermine our self-esteem.

5. the love disconnected or indifferent

May ever you've found yourself with such affective style. They are cold people who do not know to transmit emotions, than not they embrace, who do not know Pat... people who fall for these profiles tend to suffer a great deal, since they love to people who are incapable of showing affection and that isolate them emotionally.
They are destructive relationships, there is no reciprocity, as much as we strive we don't get what we need, namely, love. They excuse saying that they need autonomy and independence, and their right to privacy. But in fact, what these people do is build walls avoiding it wants them. And what is worse, causing a great psychological wear and damage. You have to go carefully.
We hope to have you served's help, more than anything to illustrate those emotional styles that cause more pain than happiness. We know that nobody can control who falls in love, but come a point where you will have the eyes and you should decide. And think that your stability, your integrity and your happiness, always come first. remember, you deserve the best!
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