Emotional intelligence and health: do you practice it?

Inteligencia emocional y salud: ¿Y tú, la practicas?
Emotional intelligence teaches us to know to manage emotions and feelings. The way of relating to others, deal with situations and these everyday problems better. Their relationship with health is Basic. Not is just a theory of self-help manual. It is a very appropriate perspective to better meet yourself.

Key of emotional intelligence to improve your health

When we feel good about ourselves, our body note. The immune system is stronger. Well managed stress enables us to face every day with more security and control. Emotional intelligence can serve Puente to all these realities and these everyday problems that we have to face. Emotions are those pillars underpinning our reality, shaping us, bringing us happiness and suffering... would control it, how we can manage emotions to dispose of a more satisfying life?

1 learn to identify your emotions

There are people that hard time controlling their emotions. People who may be beyond rabies, by the angry... You can even dump their negativity on those family members who least deserve it. Also often happens that sometimes confuse anger with sadness. We feel as angry with the world, when in essence, what we truly feel is dissatisfaction and sadness. It is essential to know antenderte, what you wonder how you feel and what you can do for day to day, find yourself a little better. It carries a daily, write about what you think, what you feel... will help to clarify.

2. social skills

What about managing your social skills? The relationships we establish with others also marked our well-being. It is essential that you are assertive, you know to say out loud what you think and feel, defending your emotions. Basic know you listen to others, meet, communicate, you can interact properly with yours according to the context. If you need to be a leader in your work you develop these capabilities, if you want to improve your friendships and family relationships learn to set priorities. It develops your closeness, your ability to listen, learn to communicate properly...

3. What are a person sympathetic?

Empathy allows us to put ourselves in the place of others, of things that we have in front to better understand them. Know what may be feeling, what may be bothering them, what makes them happy and what is hurting them. To know identify emotions on the other, it is essential to also know also identify yours same. Say that women have greater empathic capacity than men because of the mirror cells of our brain. It is through structures the which identify the emotions more easily.

4 how you you communicate?

Are able to expressing what you feel? are or which tends to shut up and hide their emotions? Sometimes costs us much, for example, say that co-worker that what it does is not well. Or it can be that it does not want to stay with that friend, and however you keep doing it for fear to hurt. It is not good. It is expressed properly and with respect, what you feel, what you need. Develops an active listening with those who surround you, but don't let anyone remove you the voice or that you control. Learn to communicate, learn how to take advantage of your emotions to be happier.
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