This amazing plant is up to 100 times more effective than chemotherapy

Esta asombrosa planta es hasta 100 veces más efectiva que la quimioterapia
Cancer is a disease causing more deaths worldwide per year, and most troubling of all is that the rate of people diagnosed with different types of tumors continues to grow. Today, medicine has had many advances and, as a result, different treatments have been developed to deal with them. However, many people do not respond adequately to such treatment and end up defeated by this horrible disease.
Although chemotherapy is currently one of the most used methods to fight cancer, there are also alternative medicine therapies that could result. Although it is not recommended to use this type of therapies as a substitute for medical therapies, yes they can be considered as a complement to the treatment.
Note that these treatments do not work equally in all patients with cancer and also depend very much on the degree of progress that has the disease.

Dandelion tea to fight cancer

diente de leon NjuTIKA
One of the plants that are are starting to gain strength as alternative treatment for cancer is the dandelion. This plant, which has been popularized worldwide by its multiple health properties, also could have a potent anticancer affection that could be up to 100 times more potent than chemotherapy. Dandelion tea affects cancer cells in such a way that some may be breaking even in a time of 48 hours.
This plant has been ignored for many years, but is now known to have high medicinal power that makes it worthy of being at home. In antiquity, the dandelion was used to prepare syrups and infusions to combat different health problems. What is known so far is that their benefits are greater than what was thought and its root, for example, has a high power to help patients with cancer.
The scientists who have researched the plant have discovered that the root can run "better" than the chemotherapy to treat cancer, already that kills only cancer cells, avoiding damage to healthy cells as usually do it the chemo.
Dandelion stands that it has diuretic properties, stimulates the secretion of bile, cleanses the liver, helps with allergies and reduces cholesterol. It contains vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid and magnesium. It also contains up to 535% of the daily amount of vitamin K and 110% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

The miracle of dandelion tea

Diente de leon para depurar
In an investigation carried out by the Department of chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Windsor (Canada), found that the root of the dandelion can finish effectively with affected by cancer cells without harmful effects on the cells healthy organism.
This study is a great find for medicine because, according to the results, dandelion root tea acts on the affected cells doing that they disintegrate within 48 hours, time in which the body's healthy cells will not be affected. It was concluded that continued with dandelion root treatment can destroy much of the cancer of patients affected cells, increasing the hope of those who fight against this disease.
With these findings, the research team has already received additional support to continue with the investigation of this miraculous plant.
A patient named John di Carlo, of 72 years, is convinced of the healing and anticancer properties of dandelion, faith and testimony that can work. The patient underwent an intense and "aggressive" treatment with chemotherapy for three years in the fight for your health and cure of this disease. Passed this time, doctors recommended you go home to spend their last days with their loved ones.
Even with hope and desire to live, di Carlo sought in the alternative medicine something that could perhaps help, to finding the best ally in dandelion root tea. In a period of four months, this 72-year-old patient had a decrease of the disease and has undergone partial or complete disease, regression according to Natural News.
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