Eating an Apple a day keeps you healthy and helps to prevent or fight cancer

Apple has antitumor properties. We can prevent diseases heart can be prevented if we have a style of healthy living and a natural diet.
Comer una manzana al día te mantiene sano y te ayuda a prevenir o combatir el cáncer
The apples are known to be also very nutrient rich. There are several types and sizes, but at the end all provide the same nutrients to our body. Check out the following article to find out why it is important to eat an Apple a day.

It reduces the risk of heart disease

In many societies the heart disease surpass cancer as the leading cause of death. What few people know is that heart disease can be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes as a natural diet. Researchers at the State University of Ohio found that the consumption of an Apple a day for four weeks reduces the levels of a substance related to the hardening of the arteries by almost 40 percent.

Increase your brain power

A University of Massachusetts study showed that taking fresh apple juice three times a week helps people with Alzheimer's to greatly reduce the likelihood of this disease by 75%.
Note: Do not buy pasteurized Apple juice. The idea is to eat raw Apple juice, i.e. organic and unfiltered. When you make your juice not remove the skin of the Apple, add the fruit to the Blender to the core and seeds.

Properly maintaining your digestive system

Natural fiber (soluble and insoluble) apples vital for our body, are aimed at making your digestive and cardiovascular apparatus to function as it should be. In addition, the apples have pectin, which is an important type of fiber that helps to unite the toxins in the intestine and make them leave the body.

It prevents some types of cancer

Flavonoids in apples may help protect against certain types of cancer, especially lung cancer. Flavonoids are compounds in apples, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both chronic inflammation and oxidative stress are considered important factors in the development of cancer, and flavonoids fight both factors.

About organic apples

Apples that are grown organically do not normally contain residues of various pesticides chemicals. These chemicals have been found actually toxic and carcinogenic (cancer) in studies directed especially to the nervous system and the brain of humans.
Scientists from the school of pharmacy in China found that an oligosaccharide in apples shows impressive results when used with human colon cancer cells.
Because of this study, researchers could conclude that Apple has great potential as a chemo-prevention agent or as an anti-tumor agent. However, experts recommend that people consume only organic apples.
It is also known that this fruit contains high levels of Malic acid, which is useful in the improvement of the production of energy in the body. This compound is also important for those who have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia syndrome. Organic apples are also essential in the fight against high cholesterol.
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