Benefits of tea and coffee to treat liver disease

The coffee and tea protect us from fats, which are highly recommended is case of fatty liver. Are also fundamental to a healthy diet and physical exercise
Beneficios del té y el café para tratar el hígado graso
Fatty liver disease is one of the major epidemics of today. That are carried out increasingly more the researches developed in this regard, in order to provide a solution to this reality is why. Do you want to know what are the latest news? Coffee and tea stand as excellent allies to treat this disease. We explain what you then.

Can coffee and tea prevent fatty liver disease?

We know this, until recently the coffee had a bad reputation in the field of health. Consumption used to be associated with cardiac, raises blood pressure and it was common that doctors recommend us to prevent their consumption. And the same thing happened with tea, particularly with black tea.
But today this trend is changing thanks to a series of studies that are showing us the great benefits both tea and coffee, to treat this disease, but that Yes, always consumed with moderation. Has been at Duke University in the United States who have published a study where prove that caffeine is present in coffee and tea, are facing these fats stored in our liver cells. Far from damaging this body, they protect you from the action of fats. This study has been published in the magazine "Hepatology".

How much coffee and tea can consume for preventing and treating fatty liver?

Excellent, now that we know that both tea and coffee are suitable for treating this disease, your next question will be but how many cups I drink per day? We already know that as in everything, the ideal is to eat everything but in moderation.
The study conducted by Duke University tells us that the ideal is to take 4 cups a day. But now, when we say cups are not vessels, i.e., small cups. The tighter it would be to take 2 cups of coffee and one tea. Take coffee at breakfast , after lunch, then to media later take a cup of tea. And what type of tea can take? That your're ready, red tea, green tea.... as a curiosity we can say that utlimamente is fashion white tea, because that is the biggest-antioxidant available.
Point if you are hypertensive will not adequate intake of coffee, anyway, you costs nothing to consult with your health care provider if will be suitable or not to consume coffee for treating fatty liver.

How to prevent and cure fatty liver

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Let know you also that consumption of coffee, not only will allow us to treat fatty liver disease. There are many studies that endorse also the benefit to treat diabetes, the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and also to improve our memory. And what about the tea? We already know that their benefits are innumerable, a magnificent contribution of antioxidants able to improve our cicurlacion, lower bad cholesterol... It is ideal that you include it in your diet. But let's now that guidelines must continue to prevent and treat fatty liver.

Coffee, tea and a proper diet

Already we have made it clear that a proper supply of tea and coffee can serve us very helpful. But you have to keep that in mind, to limit ourselves only to coffee consumption not will serve as much to eliminate our liver lipids, if we continue carrying a harmful and improper diet. Must accompanied by an adequate and balanced nutrition. Removes alcohol, tobacco, concienciate no longer consume that swollen easy meal of fats and refined flour that much damage makes our body. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, also of infusions. Did you know that for example Thistle is wonderful also to cure our liver? Don't try it.

What if we do some exercise?

Coffee, tea, a proper diet and how not... some exercise. The problem with all this is that we know it. We know that we need to do some sport to improve our health, to provide more oxygen to our movement, to provide more health to our hearts, our muscles... then why not do it? Remember that the sedentary lifestyle is one of the worst enemies of our society, and also one of the greatest risks to our health. Have to know that we are all able to cure fatty liver. We only need to change habits, and above all, to love ourselves a little more. What if we start today itself to care for us?
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