Learn how to recognize early symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer may affect equal to men and women, but has a higher incidence in us our hormonal charge. An early diagnosis is essential for a fast acting
Aprende a reconocer los primeros síntomas del cáncer de mama
If we talk about cancer, as any of their types, the first reaction is usually the fear. While it is true that it is not one minor disease, today the affected people have greater hope provided they receive appropriate treatment.
It is of vital importance, breast self-exams, must do it periodically, because that way you can detect any anomaly in them and go to your doctor who will evaluate these alterations, which are not always indicate the presence of cancer, but the best option is to know about it as soon as possible.
Men may also be affected by this pathology, but as cases occur most frequently in women the hormonal charge that we, we don't hear much about male breast cancer, but the reality is that they can also suffer.
Then we will be mentioning the first symptoms of breast cancer. But remember, the intention is not to alarm you, but that you may know them so in case your chances of recovery are greater, as opposed to cases with late detection.

First symptoms...

Early symptoms can include lumps that can appear in your breasts or underarms. To detect them you must make you the breast self-exam and you should keep in mind that you should do it once you have finished your menstruation. Since before and during the sinuses are inflamed, which would make difficult a good scan.
Some collapse in the skin of the breasts or the nipple area should call your attention. If in the area of the nipple skin has become flaky also it must be a sign of warning. Or even the output of some discharge in this area.
It is important not to despair. That have any of these symptoms do not ensure the presence of cancer. You must simply be responsible with your health and attend the consultation for an accurate diagnosis, avoiding late of this type of disease detection. Periodic examinations, which could be annually according to your case, either every six months, always to professional criteria are recommended for this.
Cancer de mama
Most people have a bad habit of seek medical advice only a scare or an important upset. But periodic inspections can be the difference between life and death for a patient. Many times a disease is detected in this kind of revisions and not because of any alarming symptoms.
It is also significant that you know the risk factors that could increase the chances that a person is affected by cancer.

Within the risk factors we can mention:

  • The simple fact of being women, sex increases the odds of developing breast cancer, since as we mentioned at the beginning of this article the hormonal burden in women increases the chances.
  • Age, the elderly increases the chances of suffering this malady. Breast cancer is usually detected in women aged 45 years, but there are also cases in younger women.
  • Genetic factors, alteration or inherited genetic defects could be responsible for this disease.
  • Other factors such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet would increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Also the use of birth control pills and the consumption of alcoholic beverages, increasing the risk according to the amount which is drunk.
Should be noted that both the symptoms and the risk factors of breast cancer may be related. It is possible that a person be diagnosed without having submitted any prior symptoms and there is also the possibility that a person with risk factors fairly marked not present alterations.
Similarly, it is important to know both the first symptoms and risk factors, so when any malfunction to use a professional and the corresponding evaluation. Early diagnosis can save your life!
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