Learn 7 habits that damage your heart

Although we know that salt is bad for our health, since it produces hypertension, we are consuming it. We must cut their consumption, as well as the prefabricated meals and opt for natural alternatives
Conoce 7 hábitos que dañan tu corazón
The human body is a perfect machine where each piece, is indispensable. The heart is perhaps that basic body fail, worst consequences can bring us, hence the need not to neglect it, serve your health at any time. Do you know what habits are that damage most commonly almost while we realize? We will explain you.

How I my heart be damaging?

The heart is the main organ responsible for pumping blood and boost the rest so that nutrients are transported to our body. There are many factors that determine your good health, elements that sometimes go unnoticed and even that neglect. The nerves that accelerate their movements, foods that sicken him or that clog your arteries so pumping properly... Must pay attention, since sometimes attacks come silently and without warning. do take note then?

1. the salt in our meals

Sure that you sospechabas that we would say. And the curious thing about the data is that, while everyone knows and knows the harmful effects that salt has on our body, it still consumes it. Why? because the salt gives flavour to our meals, because it makes them more flavorful, but long term, just paying it this pleasure. The salt causes us hypertension, elevates our tension and little by little, this fact becomes a time bomb in the face to our heart any day, say "enough is enough". Is it worth it? certainly not.

2. the risk of stress and anxiety

Stress attacks alike to men than women, although the incidence is different. Say that the stress in men tends to have more negative effects in the short term. In women, on the other hand, there are studies that tell us that we are people who more suffer you in our every day, although we nonetheless face better. But that does not mean that also produce their effects on us. In fact there is a disease of the heart that is appearing greater in women due to States of anxiety and stress. Is called "broken heart syndrome". So you know, it is essential that we learn to manage our emotions a little better.

3. the lack of exercise and obesity

(Foto: FBellon/ Flickr.com)
(Photo: FBellon / Flickr)
Is, according to experts, the evil of the 21st century. A sedentary lifestyle, a wrong and high powered fat saturated in flours, sweets, food industrial... all gradually leads to serious cardiovascular problems, due to obesity, hypertension, and a sick body that itself has been damaging gradually. And we have to keep this in mind: the data tell us that more and more are children who are suffering from this reality. Children because they do not go to play the street, preferring to play with your game console or your computer, leading a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise.... We must avoid these bad habits for the sake of our health.

4 eat eating

A phenomenon that has begun to study recently. Let us take an example: we get home tired from work and far from strive a little and prepare a dinner healthy, varied and balanced, look for something to chop so instantly satisfy our hunger and our anxiety. A snack, a pizza, a drink, something sweet... This is not nutrition. It is eating to eat, we eat to satisfy our nerves, or simply to end before. And it is that the food industry call makes us easy life thanks to their meals, those that we just have to heat in the microwave. And there is nothing more damaging. Remember, eat is feed ourselves, our body offer that you need and that is good for him.

5 and what our cholesterol?

Who speaks of cholesterol, also speaks of hypertension. They are all those silent diseases that often we neglect for not going to the doctor, by not passing our regular check-ups. We must be careful, cholesterol drift in one of the biggest risks for our heart. Accumulates in our veins and arteries there is an excess in the body, far from expelling it accumulate in dangerous places such as those pathways where our blood circulates. Veins dry, just there is space for the circulation and, then, are the feared infarcts. don't neglect your routine views the doctor!

6. do you sleep enough?

Lo que los gatos nos pueden enseñar en cuanto a dormir
The essential thing is to rest between 7 or 8 hours a day. But we know it, sometimes we were watching TV, the computer, or hours are even talking through our mobile or our mobile phone. Reminds that this type of equipment are very harmful, its waves alter our rest and produce us insomnia. And people need to rest so that our body carry out some essential biological functions, such as the desintoxicancion of the lymphatic system, of the liver.... Not sleep leads to a hormonal imbalance that affects directly to our hearts.

7 yet you still smoking?

If this is your case to you expect to quit? You may not know this, but fumar accelerate our beats, causes irregularities in the rhythm of our heart causing quite serious coronary diseases. Do not hesitate, quitting will be the best gift you can get, and going to more years of life and better quality in your day to day.
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