5 tips to care for your pancreas

In addition to affect our health in general, tobacco increases the odds of developing pancreatic and lung cancer
5 consejos para cuidar de tu páncreas
The pancreas is that body that just remind us until we suffer any disease associated with it. Thus, it is essential to know a little better this indispensable gland located behind the stomach responsible for segregating some juices, that allow us to digest food. What if we explain how you can take care of your pancreas?

Learning to take care of our pancreas

1. cruciferous vegetables wonderful!

brocoli ulterior epicure
Surprised? Surely not. We are convinced that have read on many occasions, for example, the benefits of broccoli to prevent many types of cancer. As well, these studies indicate that eating both broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or cabbage, are incredibly beneficial to protect our pancreas of a possible tumor. So do not hesitate, for example preparing 2 times a week a plate of cooked steamed broccoli and you will ensure that you are protecting it. Point in addition, in the event that you suffer from thyroid problems is not very suitable to consume cruciferous vegetables.

2 leave the tobacco!

How? Still hooked to this habit? If this is your case do not hesitate, it begins to leave the cigarette that day by day, is damaging your health. Know that the probability of suffering from a pancreatic cancer is very high if you're smoker? Then remember it for your sake, as well as your family, who surely will not want to see you suffer tomorrow.

3 say goodbye to unhealthy food

And what is the unhealthy food? We are sure that you know it: fried foods, processed foods, refined flours, sugars, food industrial, soft drinks... We admit that sometimes they are easy to make, quick and satisfactory in those days when we arrived tired House, full of stress and anxiety and wanting to turn off eating something easy. It is an error. Maybe that today do not give account, but these high in fats and harmful elements, directly injure our pancreas. Statistics tell us that the probability of a high malnutrition in unhealthy food, affects the onset of pancreatic cancer. So don't hesitate and start today itself to change your habits, also avoiding alcohol, of course.

4 learning to detoxify the pancreas

Jugo de fresas
So, detoxify the pancreas. have ever tried you ever? As you may know the pancreas is responsible for synthesizing a number of essential enzymes that help us make the digestion. But eye, when the pancreas is affected or when toxins from unhealthy eating saturated it, then begin to suffer alterations and hormone, for example causing imbalances, diabetes. The pancreas must be detoxed to keep it healthy. But how to do it?
Very easy, for three days a month will try to drink about 10 cups of fluid a day, also including juices and recommended infusions for the pancreas which you will then detail. The liquid will help us renew our body and to detoxify the pancreas.
Take a hot bath every day before going to sleep, rubbing your skin with exfoliating sponge, this will stimulate circulation and reactivate the functioning of the pancreas.
Imperative also that, during these three days, eat a diet high in antioxidants, i.e., abundant fruits such as oranges, kiwis, mangos, strawberries... all this will help us detoxify the pancreas and to strengthen it.

5 juices to strengthen the pancreas

Al igual que otras frutas, la guanábana puede disfrutarse en zumo
Do you like natural juices? Then do not hesitate, your pancreas will thank you enormously that you include in your diet the following preparations. They allow you to keep it in good condition and regenerate its functions. Point out to you that vegetable juices is recommended to take it in the afternoon or accompanying our meals, while fruit juices are ideal for mornings, but remember: should be drunk on an empty stomach and not eat anything during the next half hour. And reminds never add them sugar!

Cabbage, carrot and lettuce juice

  • A cup of (already cooked steamed) Brussels sprouts
  • A glass of carrot juice
  • Half a glass of water
  • A sprig of celery
Pass it everything through the Blender to mix well, then drink it slowly and SIP. Very easy!

Artichoke and Aloe Vera (Aloe) juice

  • A cup of juice of Aloe Vera (the pulp from the Center, the more gelatinous part)
  • A heart of tender artichoke (cooked)
  • The juice of half a lemon.
  • Half a cup of hot water
As always, it takes ingredients to the blender for good homogeneous mixture. You must obtain a rather warm juice, will be as you see a thick consistency, but we assure you that it is ideal to heal your pancreas. Take it with lunch, for example.

Juice of papaya and linseed

  • A large papaya slice
  • A tablespoon of flaxseed powder or seed
  • Half a glass of water
  • Three almonds
Ideal to take it in the morning, is simple to prepare, you do not have more to liquify it all right next to the medium glass of water. Take it little by little every morning and get not only nutrients appropriate to start the day, but a perfect way of keeping healthy your pancreas. Enjoy it.
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