Tips to control blood circulation

We can make self-massage to improve circulation and increase blood flow. We will begin by feet and we will rise up to the thighs.
Consejos para controlar la mala circulación sanguínea
The bad blood circulation can have many causes, the main ones are: the high levels of cholesterol, have a poor consumption of foods that provide fibre, eat very salty foods and, in addition, low fluid intake.
The high consumption of saturated fats lead to elevation of cholesterol, causing this damage blood vessels and miss the elasticity that should be kept so that blood can flow freely through all the streets. Its direct consequence is, obviously, the production of various circulatory problems. In this opportunity we will see how to reduce bad blood circulation naturally.

Some massage

With a good cream you can make a soft, but firm massage that should begin in the feet and then go up to the thighs, thus increases the blood flow and greatly reduces all circulatory problem.

Foods that lower blood pressure

Foods that can improve the problems of circulation and in turn improve blood pressure there are several, among them we can find:
  • Spinach
  • celery
  • sunflower seeds
  • bananas
  • soy
  • potatoes
  • chocolate
  • the avocado
  • skim milk
  • fish
  • Citrus

Quit smoking

9 razones para dejar de fumar
For many years it has been shown that cigarette is one of the main enemies of human health, which is causing serious circulatory diseases and may increase significantly the blood pressure.

Perform Hydrotherapies

Hydrotherapy is a massage using jets of hot and cold water, in turn, this way the blood circulation is activated immediately beginning to flow normally. This therapy can be day of through without any problem.

Eating cayenne pepper

cayena Tim Patterson
Red pepper contains capsaicin, a component that has the ability to stimulate and activate the cardiovascular system, helping to significantly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition it collaborates very effectively to reduce chances for developing atherosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries, causing many problems for the whole circulatory system.

Elevate the legs

Arriving at home can give us a few minutes to relax a little and rested from a long day of work, we can elevate the legs a little, this way we help blood return with more ease and activates blood circulation.

Make foot baths

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A very simple way of reactivating the blood circulation is submerge your feet in a bowl with water warm mixed with a quarter of ground ginger root. You'll love!

Prepare an infusion of ginkgo biloba

This is a highly recommended natural remedy to improve poor circulation of blood, since thas the ability to dilate the blood vessels and making the walls of the veins much more elastic.

Drink a glass of red wine

toma vino para vivir más y mejor
Have the habit of drinking a glass of red wine every day accompanying a main food aid to improve circulation, but is just a daily Cup.

Drink coffee

Those who consume between one and two cups of coffee during the day are less likely to suffer problems of poor circulation, this is because flavonoids which are among its components.

Not to abuse salt

It is important to minimize the consumption of salty foods, since this helps to increase blood pressure and fluid retention.

Moderate exercise, but continuous

The best and simplest exercise that can be all day to improve blood circulation and prevent major complications is just walk. Do it for at least half an hour, also proper hydration is essential to good health in general.
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