Why should we eat egg?

Although it has always said that eating eggs increases cholesterol, this statement is false. In addition, eggs provide us animal, such as meat or fish protein
¿Por qué debemos consumir huevo habitualmente?
The egg is one of the most nutritious foods we have. It is rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and is an easy-to-cook food, and who tend to like everyone.
In this article we explain all their benefits, which demonstrate that we can eat eggs most commonly what had made us believe.

What does the egg?

The egg is a food that provides us with many nutrients sparingly, and why we say that it has a high nutritional value.
  • It is very rich in protein of high biological quality, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids in amounts adequate for our organism.
  • It contains vitamins of the Group B (B1, B3, B12, folic acid and biotin), A, E and D.
  • It contains minerals such as selenium, zinc, phosphorous or iron.
Most of the components are in the yolk, while the clear is which mainly contains the protein.
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Health benefits

  • Thanks to its components and especially its protein content is ideal for athletes, pregnant women and children.
  • Its content of vitamins of the B group helps us to obtain energy, balance the nervous system and improve brain function.
  • Its content of vitamin D helps absorb calcium and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis or other bone problems.
  • It is ideal in cases of anemia, thanks to its content of iron and other minerals.
  • It is an essential stage of recovery and convalescence, food since in addition to being highly nutritious it doesn't cause digestive problems.
  • Selenium and zinc make it a food highly antioxidant, which helps prevent cell aging.
  • Because it includes lutein among its components, the egg helps to prevent the visual disturbances caused by aging, such as macular degeneration or cataracts.
  • With raw egg we can prepare very moisturizing masks to skin and hair, mixing it with other ingredients such as olive or almond, oats or Brewer's yeast. We recommend it especially in cases of dry skin and damaged hair or with split ends.

How many eggs can eat?

Several years ago began to say that they should not eat more than three eggs a week which could significantly increase the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. However, this claim has been losing strength as it has been shown that most causing these increased levels are the consumption of trans fats, in combination with the rest of food or even be suffering from continuous stress situations.
We can consume eggs almost daily, according to our situation and taking into account that we should combine them with vegetables, as well as being aware that they are animal and therefore protein would not be necessary to include fish or meat in the same meal.
In addition, if we want to lose weight, or we must reduce triglycerides we will avoid eating them fried or in sauces, desserts, etc.
We can also switch, for example, chicken with the quail eggs.
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How do we cook it?

Egg offers us many possibilities in the kitchen:
  • Fried: preferably in olive oil with a little garlic and sea salt.
  • Cooked: is better to cook it less than a minute and then leave it in water until it is warm, or you put back it to cook but turn it off to the next boil, to avoid the sulfur substances that give you more smell and an off-white to yolk aspect
  • Past water: we briefly Cook the egg and immediately pass it under cold water to stop the cooking and the egg is half-baked, ideal for dipping with bread.
  • Revuelto: will do so also in the Pan, as if it were fried, but stirring with a wooden spoon. It is delicious combined with garlic, shrimp, mushrooms, or cheese.
  • Tortillas: tortilla prepare it whisking the egg and frying it in a pan. We can make it of potato, vegetables, mushrooms, peas, etc.
In addition, do not forget that many recipes include egg, such as sauce, mayonnaise, the batter, biscuits, meringues, etc.
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