Tips to whet the appetite

Consejos para abrir el apetito
When you lose interest in food, it is quite difficult to return to feel normal eating desires, in such a way that the loss of appetite may occur for different reasons, the most common can be: the depression, go through a long illness, after surgery, among others.
However, this is a situation that suffer from a large number of people, for this reason we are going to provide some methods that can be applied to try to solve this problem.

It's good breakfast

Breakfast is the first food that we consume and therefore is the most important of the day, will be responsible for providing the energy we need to duly perform each and every one of the responsibilities we have to charge. A nutritious breakfast should include a dairy, whole grains, one or two fruits.

It is important to use spices

The use of different spices is very important for those who suffer from lack of appetite, since these can bring their pleasant flavours and aromas to foods making them much more desired. Cinnamon, for example, is a spice that can help stimulate the appetite and can be added to a wide variety of dishes and drinks.

Try to exercise

Physical activity can be a good solution to increase the appetite, after exercise, it is very normal to feel hunger. It should be aware that if you are a person with very low weight, necessary to perform short exercise sessions and mainly deal with these are not too strong.

It's not only eat

It is very important to eat in the company of another person, you can enjoy more food, and we are not going to leave anything on the plate. Similarly it is recommended to serve food in colorful dishes and resulting pleasant, as that should be well organized and with a good presentation. They will increase the desire to eat!


As recovers lost appetite should try to drink plenty of fluids and eating fresh fruits, they provide the nutrients needed to make our bodies work properly until we can eat all foods on a regular basis.
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