Medical advance could kill cancer cells

Researchers and scientists around the world are joining forces to try to find a way to stop the spread of this terrible disease.
Avance médico podría eliminar las células cancerosas
According to recent studies by researchers at Cornell University, USA. UU, could reach to avoid ninety percent deaths by cancer. During the research tests conducted in human blood in the laboratories and in living mice, yet tests have not been made with patients.
The new method is to join some proteins that could kill the cancer through white blood cells from the blood that move through the bloodstream, this prevents cancer cells from reaching the different healthy organs of the body.
The key to exterminate the cancer will be sending "armies of white blood cells", which can cause apoptosis, i.e. the death of cancer cells, removing them completely from the bloodstream, according to Indian of Cornell University, Michael King biomedical engineer.
This scientist has explained that the new method has had a truly surprising result, since demonstrated that injection of protein turned out to be much more effective than the application of liposomes or soluble protein. Contacting the cancer cells with adhesive proteins in the bloodstream, are supposed that their elimination would be inevitable.
According to researchers deemed that this revolutionary treatment be achieved safely kill cancer cells up to sixty percent of the cases. So far this investigation, as had said it, only has been tested in live mice and human laboratory blood, but still tests on patients, have not been made since are needed still many other research to be sure that this new method really if you can stop the advance of cancer in human beings.
At the moment it is very comforting to know that researchers and scientists around the world have not given up and they are joining forces to try to find a way to stop the spread of this terrible disease; It is clear that time have to wait and have great faith that will finally find definitive cure of this disease that has thousands of people in the world in critical condition.
As soon we can do our part is to care for our health to avoid risks and prevent this disease as well as possible, remember that you should not to ignore the signals that your body you can send through certain symptoms which may advertise that it is something not working as it should be, to these alarms should go to your doctor and thus stop time a possible complication.
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