Infusions to combat cellulite

Mint helps to detoxify and purify the body and activates the blood circulation, while Mallow and horsetail favor the Elimination of liquids
Infusiones para combatir la celulitis.
Cellulite, also known as orange peel is one of the most unpleasant nightmares for women in general. This disorder of circulation can affect people with overweight and also those who are thin.
Little aesthetic appeal that gives to the skin is not of gravity for health, but if much discomfort when using clothes that leave bare areas, impacting negatively on the self-esteem of those who suffer it.
As we have already said it is a circulatory problem, it can affect any person of the female sex. And to understand a little more the why of this disorder, we will make a brief review on the causes of this evil.
Cellulite occurs mainly due to circulation disorders associated to hormonal and genetic issues. Women have more hormonal charge, which makes us easy for this type of alterations.
In addition to the reasons already mentioned, others would be, fat intake, lack of exercise, poor intake of water, abuse in the consumption of salt, soft drinks, smoking, stress, use of birth control pills, etc.
Then, the most important factors in the appearance of cellulite would be, hormonal, genetic factors and bad eating habits. As well since we have intervention on genetic factors, must act on the other.
If you want to fight cellulite in front you have to start by changing your diet. In the same way you must include sufficient water intake for debugging, and hydrate your body. Remember that this disease is closely related to the accumulation of toxins in your body, not in vain is associated also constipation with the appearance of cellulite.
The combination of good nutrition, exercise, drinking water, more the realization of beauty treatments would be helpful. But a single method on single hard will yield positive and lasting results.
There are also herbs that may be helpful as an adjunct in the fight against cellulite. These plants by having detoxifying, cleansing and diuretic properties will eliminate toxins and liquids accumulated in the body, giving a better appearance to the skin. Pay attention to the infusions which we mention below.


Known effective to detoxify and purify the body, as well as activate blood circulation. You can drink the infusion of fresh or dried leaves per cup of water.


It has diuretic and depurative properties. So it is very recommended to fight cellulite, as well as benefit the organism in general. You can prepare the infusion of one teaspoon of dried plant per cup of water. Drinking after meals.


It helps to improve circulation in areas affected by cellulite, improving its appearance. Get the exchange of fluids in areas of fat to be effective by removing excess. Performs infusion of one teaspoon of flowers and leaves per Cup. Drink two cups a day.

External use


Used only by externally, if you eat it you run danger of poison you. It produces an increase of blood circulation in the area where to apply it. For use in the form of poultice must prepare decoction of fresh from the plant leaves, then you must drain the water, onto a mortar in order to form a Paste, then put the pasta in a cotton cloth, apply it on the affected area by holding it with a knot or a tape.
The Teas that have been mentioned will serve as an adjunct in the fight against cellulite, you do not make prolonged treatments or abuses with doses. If you are under medical treatment, pregnancy or lactation consultation first with professional before consuming them.
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