How to clean ears properly

Formas de limpiar los oídos correctamente

The cleaning of the ears is very important, as is can prevent many complications, including pain, feeling deafness and some infections. To make a proper and correct cleaning methods and important steps should know.

That layer of wax that appears on the inside of the ears is just dirt that accumulates every day, this single dirt is fat from the skin, dead cells, and dust, all this forms a layer that will remain there until you make the proper cleaning.

How should I clean the inner ear?

The more convenient would be doing so only one time per week, as not recommended these cleanings every day. If you have trouble hearing it will be best to not attempt to perform this cleaning.
To make this cleaning you will need:
  • -Ear syringe
  • -3% hydrogen peroxide
  • -A towel
How to proceed
  • -Tilt the head to one side.
  • -Fill the syringe with hydrogen peroxide and insert them into the ear.
  • -Do not worry if you feel bubbling inside your ear, this means that the procedure is properly underway and the solution is working.
  • -When the bubbling finish this means that cleaning has finished and you can turn the head so that the liquid comes out completely, he used the towel to dry your face.
  • -You can repeat with the other ear.

How do you clean the outer ear?

The outer ear consists of the ear lobe and the edge of the opening of the ear canal, this area of the ears can be cleaned daily without any complication.
For this type of cleaning you will need:
  • -A soft cloth
  • -Water
  • -Cotton swabs
Steps to clean the outer ear
  • -Moisten the cloth with lukewarm water.
  • -Twist the cloth to be sure that it does not have too much water.
  • -Carefully clean the outer ear.
  • -Clean also behind the ears.
  • -Swab must use it only to clean the folds in the ears, should never be inserted into the ear canal, and that could hurt you or push wax into the inner ear.
If you have any problems with your ears the most appropriate will go to ENT, only he can tell you the best way to clean your ears. Maybe the more appropriate time to perform this cleanup is after the daily bath, If you notice that there are hard inside your ear wax do not try to remove it in any way, go to your doctor to whom perform you the procedure most suitable.

Don't forget to properly clean this area of your body that is as important as any other. We must never neglect any signs that tell us that something is wrong, such as e.g. itching inside the ear, pain mild or strong, bad smell, deafness; before any of these signs we must go to the doctor and do not apply any kind of drops unless they are prescribed to avoid more serious problems.
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