How to remove stomach noises?

¿Cómo eliminar los ruidos estomacales?
Maybe that it has sometimes passed you have many stomach noises, so that you do not allow or concentrate on what you're doing. Aside from being unpleasant, you can reach be very uncomfortable for you, or for people who are part of your environment; Moreover, it can be that although not pay you attention that you require, get to be sick or have any infection at stomach level. But it is more likely that you won't what alarm you, since surely it's nothing serious.
You just follow a few steps that will give you below so you can eliminate completely from your life uncomfortable and embarrassing stomach noises.

Learning to differentiate themSandwich PolloPavo

It is important that you learn to differentiate different stomach noises, since not all are produced by the same causes, these may vary according to the time.
  • Often the stomach noises are only product that your body is asking for food. So if it is not yet time for the food, but you know that your body is asking you for food, we recommend that you eat something soft for your body, that is according to the diet that you are placing into practice at the time. It may be oatmeal, fruit and a cereal etc. That Yes, avoid as far as possible eat food heavy, that the only thing that will cause is to increase stomach noise and create gases that, in the end, yes would be one major problem. But not should refrain, since maybe your body had a wear of energy or calories and it is important that you replace them with any supplement.
  • If the cause of the noise is due to a too much air in your stomach, we recommend that you swallow a little water with gas, since this liquid will help eliminate air via oral. It is preferable that you are at home. Seeks to avoid drinks with caffeine, which could irritate your stomach and can generate greater discomfort.
  • Stomach noises can sometimes be symptoms that you have indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome or some kind of acidity. And if so, can treat it this problem with antacids, but remember that you should not automedicarte, it is important that you consult your doctor of confidence which will be who prescribe the most appropriate to put an end to your problem.
So far we have finished stating you reasons you uncomfortable stomach noises, which in general haunt most people sometime in their life. Without however...

How do we avoid them?

Anything gas

Gases intestinales
Avoid eating foods that cause you gas. Sometimes you can know which foods can be heavy for your body, however not let consume them. It is important that you autodisciplines in terms of what they eat, how comes it and at what times. Foods with high amounts of fat, or some dairy can cause you great discomfort in your body, so it is best that as far as possible avoid them if you want to delete the stomach noises.

Drink plenty of water

Water is one of the most natural and healthy liquids. It not only removes toxins from your body, but that if it is consumed for a long time and in a regulated amount, you can eliminate stomach problems you may have.

Avoid anxiety
You may not know this, but a high level of anxiety can lead to headaches and stomach noises. This is because, when you're nervous, unconsciously you'll sigh, which causes your body to be filled with air, which will cause stomach noises. If you're feeling very agitated or nervous, it is preferable that you talk to your doctor so that prescribe you something for anxiety.

Do not consume too much alcohol

These drinks can produce hiccups, burps and gas, because due to an excess of air in your body, which can lead to you to generate loud stomach noises.
We recommend that you consult your doctor if you see that the stomach noises are very strong and are not removed with nothing. We hope that the councils that have given you, be your utility.
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