5 habits that alter your thyroid

Iodine deficiency can cause alteration of the thyroid gland, so we must make sure to consume foods that contain it
5 hábitos que alteran tu tiroides
The thyroid is a gland in our body, because it is responsible for producing hormones necessary for our metabolism. Which means that if these hormones are deficient our body may not function properly and will not burn calories in a normal manner. As a result there will be a rise in weight of involuntarily, situation that occurs in hypothyroidism.
There is also, disorder opposite to hypothyroidism, which is caused by excessive production of thyroid hormone called hyperthyroidism.
In hypothyroidism or thyroid hipo-activa the affected person tends to gain weight, the skin becomes dry, slow the heart rate and it can exist constipation. All that because of a slower metabolism and thus inefficient.
Then if you've noticed that your weight is increasing or lowering without necessary reasons to do so, it would be ideal to consult your doctor. He will perform the necessary tests to confirm or rule out that you suffer a disorder related to the thyroid gland.
Both the lack of hormone production, and production in excess need prompt treatment . In the case of hypothyroidism, medication tends to remain throughout the life of the affected person.
While it is true that the alterations of this gland are usually due to autoimmune, congenital disorders , medications, etc. It is important to know that there are also lifestyle habits that can affect your performance, affect in the same way our metabolism.

What these habits?

Sedentary lifestyle

Physical inactivity can be associated with the presence of hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism. Once again we know another important reason so daily exercise becomes essential for a healthy body. Not only enjoy a slim body but also as a way of preventing many diseases or health disorders.


It is important to have in mind that anything in excess can be healthy, if you consume caffeine overreact, you must stop. Consumption excessive may be related to the occurrence of irregularities with the thyroid gland.


The consumption of this beverage in excess in general affects our body. But since today we focus on the thyroid, it is good to know that alcohol could cause the onset of hypothyroidism.


If you're a smoker, the most recommended would be to leave the habit, apart from the myriad of diseases caused by this product, it also adds risk damage your health because of the poor functioning of your thyroid gland.


Iodine is an essential element for the proper functioning of our thyroid gland, a poor intake of iodine can be cause of alteration in the.

What foods can we find it?

We can be found in fish, shellfish, garlic, white beans, yogurt, cheese, milk cow, seaweed, oranges, apples, beets, chard, onions, pineapple, etc. Remember, always be sure to include it in your diet.
If you have questions on how to include it properly, also avoiding an abuse of this mineral, ideally, consult with a nutritionist who will guide you towards a healthier, without omitting or not overdo any nutrient balanced diet.
The habits that we have named along this information not only affect your thyroid. The truth is that our body in general is affected by bad habits. In the long run our body will pass the Bill. Keep in mind that each thing you do today impacts tomorrow, the damage accumulates and any disorder appears.
It eliminates all harmful habit of your life. You better choose the natural, the sound. Your body is not eternal, care for it while it lasts your life is of the highest possible quality.
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