Relationship between throat and bowel diseases

Soak feet for 20 minutes in hot water provides us immediate throat inflammation relief, since the body will seek to offset the global temperature
Relación entre las enfermedades de garganta y el intestino
The title of this article may surprise you, but it is not the first time that we found relations surprising among different parts of our body, as he teaches traditional Chinese medicine, foot reflexology, iridology, among others. In this article you will learn how and why you should also take care of your gut if you tend to suffer problems of throat like tonsillitis, pharyngitis, hoarseness, etc.

The remedies of the ancestors

Our ancestors had much knowledge of medicine and always were simple remedies with what they had at hand to solve the discomforts of the day to day. In the case of diseases of throat, especially when children suffered them repeatedly, unafraid to use the enema.
Formerly enema applied very often, since they knew that a bowel that did not work well was cause of many diseases, in the same way, by applying an enema one could notice a big improvement almost immediately.
The enema is used to make with the help of a rubber PEAR, that still today are sold in pharmacies by the faster and more comfortable way to apply them.
  1. Simply enter in the adept warm water, which is quality, not from the tap. Rub a lubricant or oil with the cannula and insert it in the year while we're lying on your left side.
  2. We can bear what we can and evacuated.
  3. We can perform a couple of enemas a day while we suffer a throat condition.
enema lavativa Pavel Fiskovich

Check with the intestine

If we often suffer problems of throat, without apparent reason or it costs us heal with medical treatments, we must pay attention to our intestines and discard some of the most frequent pathologies:
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: chronic disorder that causes pain and diarrhea and/or constipation alternate. It could be related to nerve and emotional issues.
  • Constipation: is one of the great evils of our day, mainly because of a poor diet, too refined and excessive sedentary lifestyle.
  • Intestinal parasites: parasites are very common and yet very unknown. The best known is thrush, but there are many types and they have many different symptoms, which may confuse the patient when it comes to knowing what has. They can cause fatigue, nervousness, disorders of appetite, indigestion, itching nose or year, etc.
  • Diverticula: diverticulosis consists of the formation of a sort of thickening on the walls of the large intestine.

The intestinal flora

If therefore we take care of our throat, we regulate our bowel and treat the pathology that we suffer. A fundamental guideline will be the care of our intestinal flora, which is greatly affected by intestinal diseases, malnutrition and medications.
We will look after it in two ways:
  • Eating foods that promote it, mainly food fermented as sauerkraut, yogurt or kefir, but must be made to ensure that is not artificially manufactured and contain the nutrients we need.
  • Taking a specific supplement to repopulate the intestinal flora, especially if we've been taking medication.
kefir mfcorwin

Food intolerances

There is a fundamental issue to keep in mind when very repeatedly suffer intestinal problems and throat: consider that we have a food intolerance, which is causing us a continuous and progressive damage.
In allergies we realize very fast because the body's reaction is instantaneous, but unfortunately not the case with intolerance, which have effects that are harmful but more slow and gradual, so difficult to detect.
We can be intolerant to any food and there are many types of laboratory tests that analyze it, but the most common and that we should first take into account are to gluten and lactose. We can also suffer intolerances to certain fruits, nuts, or food additives.
pan Didriks

Hot foot baths

Although this remedy does not cure the disease, that we offer a immediate relief to throat inflammation, causing important heat in the feet that will rapidly decrease the temperature of the upper part of the body. We introduce your feet in hot water for at least 20 minutes. If it cools down we will be replacing it. Then we well delving feet.
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