Benefits of walking barefoot

Walking barefoot gives us feeling of wellbeing and multiple benefits, but if we are not used to doing it, we will have to start slowly to prevent damage to our feet
Beneficios de caminar descalzos
Walking barefoot, contrary to what many people believe, yes bring us benefits to our health, since with this simple fact you can exercise all the muscles in the foot, and as constantly repeat it they are fortaleciento.
When we are not accustomed to this activity, we should do so with caution, so it is vital to carry out preheating, this way we can be calm and start to feel that sense of freedom that gives walking a good time without shoes. Can do it for about fifteen or twenty minutes early.

What is known in this regard?

Studies that have been made in this regard have shown that When you put is feet in direct contact with the ground, received a lot of benefits for both body and mind health. As all know, there are many nerve endings that help to eliminate body elements damaging as the stress and anxiety to come into contact with the Earth feet.
It is better to do so directly in the ground, on the meadow and the air free, but not having that possibility, is valid also do so in our House, on the floor either of wood or cement.

Benefits of walking barefoot

  • Stimulate the blood circulation, which in turn allows a better oxygenation.
  • It allows the body to remove more easily a lot of fat and toxins.
  • Eliminate stress, depression and neurosis, strengthening the nervous system.
  • Prevent varicose veins, since it strengthens the venous system, and allows a better distribution of nutrients throughout the body.
  • When walking barefoot, is pressure on all the nerve endings that are connected to the different organs of the body, allowing to heal some diseases that are caused by the blockage of these energetic channels called meridians.
There is a therapy called reflexology, which consists in releasing accumulated energies that do not flow naturally causing many kinds of diseases, mainly of a too altered nervous system. This release is done by the pressure of strategic points that are in the soles of the feet. When we walk without shoes, these points are pressed naturally, achieving in this way relax us and allow us to improve our health. However, it is much more effective when done in the meadow.


Although this is a fairly easy to make relaxing therapy, they should be have some care to do so, since there may be certain elements in the soil that could affect or hurt our feet. In addition, it is essential that you begin slowly, and as your muscles will strengthen, increase the duration of these tours.
And you usually do this often?
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