How to improve the health of our brain

Cómo mejorar la salud de nuestro cerebro
The mind, as well as the other muscles of the body, should be exercised to keep it healthy. Many research talk about exercises designed specifically for the needs of the brain, in order to keep it in good shape and young, forming new cells and avoiding dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

What are the habits to improve the brain?

Aerobic exercise increases the amount of neurons in mind, opposite to the effects of the stress which reduces this production. Neuronal plasticity is very important to our life, for it must have healthy activities and outdoors, make decisions and have a trigger to allow the evolution of the brain with age.
Brain functions go beyond intelligence or memory, even if these two are the most important. Others are used to find personal or professional success, handle stressfulsituations, avoid distractions, manage emotions, and recognizing people or objects.
A good diet, such as the Mediterranean, has a benefit to the brain above any intervention, as in the case of drugs. Experts recommend, as he was said above, cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise to make the heart beat faster and the brain work faster also. You should know that the brain needs lots of energy, consuming 20% of oxygen and body glucose 25%. Thus it is vital to good nutrition. At the same time, vitamin supplements can consume to reduce cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease.
Watching television is the only activity in the "entertainment" that is associated with a decrease in cognitive function of the brain. It is the routine and liabilities not challenges to the brain. Always must do something different and not fall into the routine or the monotony of our actions. The challenge is to try the same thing but with the difficulty increased. For example, start with a 100 piece puzzles, follow by one of 200, and thus to one of 1000 or 5000.
Mental training is really very important to keep that part of the body healthy. For example, meditation, biofeedback or cognitive therapy are good choices.

Foolproof tips to improve your brain

  • Read a book: it has to be about a completely new topic and that you like, not worth a work report or a note "compelled" to the University. For example, you can read about a novel from the time of the Egyptians and at the end of an essay on economics, then go to a history of pirates and a self-help book. Not you "ponds" in the same subject. Each week you can become an expert in something new. Your brain can learn about cultures, facts and different customs, you'll make connections and contact you with what you already know.
  • Play: is used to challenge and excite the brain. But not just any kind of game, but that improve mental agility and the ability to memorize. For example sudoku, crossword, crosswords, etc. they are lots of fun and based on logic or mathematical abilities. 15 minutes a day is enough.
  • Break with the routine: We can find several ways of achieving this, as for example, use your other hand. If you're right-handed, use left and vice versa to your usual tasks, such as opening the door, take the fork or writing. An exercise which can be very effective is to try to brush your teeth or style your hair with your other hand, either put the watch on the other wrist. The brain will have to make an effort to carry out and will not be based on routine or usual. Also change the route that you always make to go to work or shopping.
  • Learn telephone numbers: today we remember not any number, because the phone has them kept safe. Strive to learn a different contact data every week or every day. So, you exercise the memory.
  • Acquiring a new skill: from learning a language or an art, through a recipe from kitchen to a memory game. So, your brain will have to make new moves or associate with other things. Get puzzle, paint the walls of your room, studying a career, get a course of gardening, etc.
  • Make lists: is really very good because they allow you to associate multiple items and allow you to remember and organize the mind and agenda. For example, you can build a list with those cities to which you would like to visit or where they've already been. This will allow you to imagine the place, who go or spent, the accommodations, the food, etc. You can also make a list with weekly purchase in the market, work earrings, clothes to pack in the holidays, etc.
  • Listen to classical music: especially to Mozart. A study has shown that this author improves mathematical and spatial reasoning of people. Those who were subjected to this investigation after hearing a composition by the German musician got top ratings in tests of mathematics, physics, etc. It also serves to concentrate on work, hobby, or school activity.
  • A healthy diet: foods that do well to the brain are the avocado (or avocado), grapes, brown rice, lentils, eggs, flax seeds, the seeds of Sesame (or sesame seeds), sweet potatoes, spinach, walnuts, almonds, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, pumpkin seeds, green tea, tomatoes, broccoli and eggplant.
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