Exercises for varicose veins

It is not necessary that you are going to exercise at the gym. You can perform several activities at home, such as push-ups or bicycle, which will be very useful to improve circulation
Ejercicios para las várices
Varicose veins are one of the most common circulatory ailments, especially among women; However, men can also have them. Broadly speaking, varicose veins are venous dilation that make impossible a correct circulation of the blood. Varicose veins, in addition to being a poor aesthetic, can become a serious health problem if not treated properly. Therefore, here are some exercises for varicose veins.
The exercises below are helpful both to avoid the appearance of varicose veins as well as their elimination if they already have. However, in certain cases, it is advisable to visit a specialist. It is indicated to serve us properly and give a solution to this problem. The following recommendations are very simple, so many of them can perform at home.


One of the most common factors influencing the appearance of varicose veins is sedentary. Spend much time sitting or not to move the legs can cause circulatory problems and the passage of time, motivate the appearance of varicose veins. Therefore, one of the most useful and simple recommendations is activities that keep our legs active.
Of course, walking is an excellent idea. Walking every day, at least a half hour, will help to circulate blood properly and you have less chances of varicose veins. Little, walking is a great exercise that also keeps us in shape, controlling or reducing our weight. For this, it would be best walks through a park or go shopping walk.


Another very useful and easy to make exercise are push-ups. In this case just sit in a Chair and, with heels firmly supported above the ground, to raise the tip of foot then lower them and lift your heels. In the background, this exercise is to imitate the movement that made your feet when you walk, only that in this case there is no displacement. This exercise should be repeated about 20 times on each foot.


Pedaling or imitate the movement also is a great choice. Obviously, this exercise can be done on a bicycle, either fixed or normal, or with your back on the floor and legs raised. In the first case, we have the possibility to walk or take much more complete sessions as spinning. Furthermore, if we want to do this exercise at home you must stand with your back on the floor and lift legs about 45 degrees and imitate the movement that is made when pedalling.


Finally, make circular with legs in high motion is of great help to prevent varicose veins. It is in this case placed back on the ground and lifted one leg at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Being thus begins to rotate the leg, making circular movements in the sense of the clock hands. After some 20 or 25 repetitions is done the same with the other leg.
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