How to prevent the fungi in the skin?

Fungi thrive in moist environments so it is very important to dry us thoroughly the areas more prone to infections, such as feet, underarms, or English
¿Cómo prevenir los hongos en la piel?
Fungi are microorganisms that surround us throughout the year, while appearing more frequently in summer. As the heat and humidity create a favorable environment for their development.
Areas where usually manifested are the feet, underarms, English and in case of envelope weight areas where folds are formed by excess fat are the attacked. This is because the places mentioned tend to stay wet, either by an increase in perspiration or poor drying of the skin after the bath.
There are various medications intended to eliminate fungi, your doctor then evaluate your situation you will choose the appropriate treatment, but not keeping in mind the recommendations we will be citing below, these invaders will reappear earlier than you expect.


Olor de pies
  • Avoid walking barefoot in damp places, you do not share shoes, clothes, towels.
  • If you used to go to swimming pools or go to the beach, do not remain for a long time with the wet clothes.
  • It dries very well your body carefully between the toes of the feet, armpits and folds, you do not make strong friction, rather it supports firmly the towel over the areas in question, giving gentle Pats until all moisture is removed. It is not suitable that you hurt your skin since it may become more vulnerable to fungus.
  • If feet sweat you much it would be desirable that you use anti-transpirantes powders, stockings that you use should be cotton to prevent moisture and heat retention.
  • Another valid option would be to use a hair dryer to the area between the toes.
  • It maintains the general health of your body, prevent those garments that do not allow proper ventilation. Tight pants increase the temperature and humidity of the vaginal area, facilitating the appearance of fungi.
  • Preferably use neutral Ph soaps , so ensure a cleaning that does not hurt your skin, and can fight more effectively against microorganisms.
  • Never go to a pedicure session without wearing your own elements. It is a perfect opportunity to get pesky fungi. Invest in your health, and always use your own elements.
You suspect that you suffer from fungi If your skin becomes red, peeling and produces you itching.
If your health is good fungi should not generate major problems, but If your defenses are weakened you must have strict care these microorganisms are very dangerous for people with cancer, diabetes, etc.

Natural remedies against fungi

Salt is very effective in the fight against fungi. If you suffer from any part of the body it would be ideal to take a bath in a tub with warm water and a cup of salt.
Another way would be to form a paste with baking soda and a little water, apply on the area of fungi, let dry then rinse and dry gently.
Garlic is also a great ally to eliminate fungi, it can add to your meals or consuming capsules of garlic or in tablet form.
El ajo contiene entre sus ingredientes dos productos principales que se encargan de actuar en favor de la salud, se trata de la alicina y el sulfuro dialilo.
Garlic contains among its ingredients two main products that are responsible for acting in favour of health, about allicin and diallyl sulfide.
Ginger is another valid option, you can add in your meals, or consume it in the form of infusion.
You can also soak your feet in warm water with salt and Apple Cider vinegar.
Would be wise to reduce sugar intake, as they favor the growth and development of fungi. It is important to emphasize that if you suffer from a disease in which your immune system is altered becomes even more necessary to consult a doctor suspected of fungi. That way you will avoid negative and dangerous to your health consequences.
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