Benefits of wasabi for our health

Beneficios del wasabi para nuestra salud
Wasabi is a plant of Japanese origin, it belongs to the family of crucifers, among which are also sprouts and broccoli. The wasabi leaves measuring about 15 centimeters approximately and are a dark green, flowers are small and white, but these are not consumed.
What really takes advantage of wasabi is its root, which is similar to horseradish with which prepares a paste which is used to accompany raw fish.
The benefits that wasabi gives health are very numerous, this is why its consumption is promoted in many parts of the world, in addition to being used in different preparations of sushi, is also important in recipes for health.

What ailments can be alleviated with wasabi?

Cultivo de Wasabi
Cultivation of Wasabi
This is a plant with anti-inflammatory in different parts of the body, mainly in the nasal sinuses, although we must be careful to inhale, as its smell can cause irritation and more inflammation.
This plant is not irritating to the stomach, therefore can be used when there is an intestinal infection or a strong diarrhea, since it has the power to kill the bacteria that can harm the body, also can be helpful in cases of asthma and colds.

It is a good source of vitamins

One of the biggest benefits that can bring the wasabi is its high content in vitamin C, which can help increase the body's defenses; in this way you avoid colds, and many other diseases that can result from changes in climate. Another more important benefit is that it provides antioxidant effects which helps protect cells from harmful radical free, which are the cause of some types of cancer.
Another benefit consume vitamin C which brings the wasabi is vera reflected in the health of skin and bones, in addition s of all tissues of the body, also helps absorb iron, which won't let you suffer from anemia.

It helps prevent thrombosis and cancer

Wasabi Bistro w/ Chegg
Wasabi Bistro w / Chegg
According to the results of some studies that you have made to the wasabi they have given as a result that can be of great help to prevent the formation of clots in the blood, which is very important to prevent thrombosis, which can affect the brain or clots that can reach the lungs. You can also help to prevent the growth of cancer cells that are found in the stomach, these studies still are not completely finished, but the truth is that up to now have been found and obtained very good results.
If you are not yet familiar with the wasabi and you haven't tried Japanese food, I believe that the time do so; now is You can have the full assurance that you'll love and then you will not want to stop using the wasabi and add it to all the dishes, and more so after having known all the benefits it can bring to your health.
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