The best anti-aging foods

Los mejores alimentos antiedad
Anti-aging foods are those that possess antioxidant and that they have nutrients that they take care of our skin, allowing that you look fresh and above all that the body is in excellent condition as internal as external.
With a good diet and exercise routine , our body may be young and healthy, but also today we will teach you the food that will serve to both your skin and your body care.


Nuts are a great source of potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium, they improve the quality of the skin, caring for immune and digestive system, and also help prevent cancer. It is rich in fiber and contains large quantities of antioxidants and vitamin E. It also stands out for its fight against high cholesterol.


Oats has high levels of protein and fiber, is the cereal most used to lose weight since it serves to decrease appetite. It is also cleansing, which helps to clean the walls of the arteries, and also helps control sugar since it maintains stable blood glucose levels.
Varias investigaciones realizadas en Estados Unidos han determinado que la avena reduce en un 10% la posibilidad de padecer cáncer de colon y mama.
Several studies conducted in the United States have determined that oats reduce by 10% the chance of developing colon cancer and breast.

Olive oil

Thanks to its richness in fatty acids, monounsaturated and vitamin E, olive oil takes care of cleaning the arteries by regulating the levels of fats in the blood, delay neuronal aging and prevents the mental wear and tear. It also hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy.


Garlic has multiple benefits, reduces and balances cholesterol and fluids in the blood, helps to prevent the degeneration of cells, has anticoagulant effects and improves blood circulation.
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It is important that the garlic will be swallowed crude form since cooked lost more than 90% of its effectiveness.


Las fresas tienen un suave efecto laxante, ideal para quienes sufren de estreñimiento.
Strawberries have a mild laxative effect ideal for those suffering from constipation.
Strawberries are sources of antioxidants that help to reduce the pain and the inflation in the joints, are rich in vitamin C, which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and tumors because it strengthens the immune system.
In addition, are excellent for weight loss due to its diuretic properties, also brings benefits to people suffering from kidney stones and high blood pressure.


cerezas Dando
Cherry contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant used to prevent inflammation of the joints, preventing arthritis and arthrosis. Similarly prevents the colon cancer, regulates heart rate and sleep the body cycles. Es rich in vitamin C, and E, potassium, magnesium, iron, folic acid and fiber.


Those chocolates with higher concentration of cocoa have antioxidant powers. They help to lower blood pressure, and it is a good element to reduce the signs of aging, because it consists of healthy live bacteria which strengthen the immune system and promote the metabolic function.

Beans and lentils

Due to its high level of anthocyanins, beans and lentils are grains that help the reduction of neurologic disorders aging and keep bones strong. By its high fiber content they serve for losing weight, calming anxiety problems and improving the digestive system.


It is vital to keep your skin youthful and hydrated, water promotes the loss of toxins, cleansing the body of impurities, decreases appetite and increases metabolism. In the same way it regulates the body temperature when you are exercising, keep hydrated muscles and joints avoiding muscle cramps.
Also reduces the risk of heart disease, according to a study conducted by the Adventist Health Study, women who drink five or more glasses of water a day can reduce the chance of heart disease by 41%, compared with women who only drink two glasses of water daily.
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