Products that affect our intelligence

Everything you eat has an effect on our body. The nicotine from the tobacco, as well as damage to our lung health, restricts the supply of blood to the brain
Productos que afectan nuestra inteligencia
When it comes to eating food, air, media, advertising etc., are creating a reaction directly or indirectly in your health, you body and sometimes even in your decisions. For this reason, that must be very attentive to what affects you negatively in what refers to consumption.
Intelligence, for example, is one of the faculties of the human being more susceptible to changes or disorders, so it is important to understand a little bit about some products that may affect negatively the main powers of the brain. From that point products that you eat, can be converted in your best ally or your worst enemy, since you can reach devastating way affect your brain, and this, to name only one of the most important and essential to your body's organs.
You then mention some of the products that can damage affect intelligence.


All the foods that have a high amount of sugar affect not only your figure, but also, and what might be most important, your brain. What can cause a deficit in your level of intelligence and attention.
When you eat sugary many food, negative effects on nerve level will not wait, and one of those effects can be a great difficult to learn, or that also affect of manara devastating your memory. This is certainly a sensitive topic and which should require all your attention, because as we know won't suffer none of these problems at the level of health and aesthetics.


Another product that can cause irreversible consequences in our intelligence is nicotine. While it is not a food as such, it is something that many people today they consume it. And it is that can wreak havoc on the brain, due to the restriction of the blood flow to the organ which, as we know, is supremely important for the proper functioning of our body.
The nicotine you can lead to many problems, most of which you can imagine, some of them are:
  • bad breath, which can undoubtedly ruin any of your appointments.
  • premature aging, which will make you see aesthetically less pleasing.
  • lung cancer, which can cause an early death.
  • It affects the function of neurotransmitters by tightening the small blood vessels that play a very important role when it comes to the normal function of your brain.

Junk food

Recent studies have shown that junk food impairs the excellent operation which has the brain. This is because that alters the chemistry of the body, which can lead you to even anxiety and depression if you don't have a diet balanced.
What makes this type of food is to avoid the production of a substance called dopamine, which is responsible for creating the feeling of tranquility, happiness and well-being in your body. And as if out little dopamine works hand with the cognitive system, which means that if the normal production of that substance is affected, the learning and memory system also will be.

Pre-cooked food

The food pre-cooked to processed foods bear a great resemblance to fried foods, already that if consumed in high amounts, can damage your central nervous system, which may create a degenerative disorder of your brain, some such as Alzheimer's.


To conclude this matter, you want to remember that you must be especially careful with everything you eat, since this will always generate a reaction in our body, both internal, and external, i.e. you can see compromised your appearance aesthetic and at the same time the proper functioning of the various bodies that make up your body. Is essential to have good habits, like for example a balanced diet, a good sport and get health checks regularly to rule out any abnormalities.
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