Learn to detect hemorrhoids in time!

Although you can give us shame, when we present the first symptoms it is important to go to the doctor, to avoid major complications
¡Aprende a detectar las hemorroides a tiempo!
Hemorrhoids are a circulatory problem that tends to be very common among people. Broadly speaking, hemorrhoids are the inflammation or swelling of the veins located in the portion low rectum or anus, which cause pain, irritation and bleeding. This problem is due to different causes, although his appearance is very common among pregnant women and after making effort to defecate. Because of their discomforts and risks, detect this problem in time is important. So we are presenting learns to detect hemorrhoids in time.

How to spot hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a problem that can be detected in time, due to which are very annoying. However, many times people do not lend importance or minimize their presence due to various factors, among them the shame. Apart from that, then you are some of the most common symptoms that will help you to detect the presence of hemorrhoids.
  • Pruritus, itching, or anal itching
  • Pain or anal discomfort, especially when sitting
  • Occurrence of bleeding, especially during bowel movements and pain during the same
  • Bumps or inflammations that are felt in the year or near the
For his part, hemorrhoids can be caused by several things. But the most common is that its appearance is associated with efforts in bowel movements, constipation, be sitting long, have pictures of anal infection or suffer from certain diseases such as liver cirrhosis. Also, some specialists say that hemorrhoids are also due to hereditary issues or for taking a diet inadequate or eat foods that encourage swelling of rectal veins.

Hemorrhoids can be detected in time

Like many other ailments, hemorrhoids is of can be detected in time, provided take case to early signs. It is very common to minimize or deny their presence because of shame or even ignorance. However, it is important to know when you have this condition to go to a specialist and find a solution. To detect hemorrhoids in time, follow the following tips.
  1. It is very important that you pay attention to any symptoms. Therefore, if you start to detect any of them, especially pain in the anal area, it would be best observe if any other type of problems associated with hemorrhoids.
  2. If you have any of the symptoms it is very important to seek medical advice immediately. Remember that finding hemorrhoids early can avoid future problems or complications. It is best to see a doctor so we do a review, such as endoscopy, and tell us what is the problem that we have.
  3. If you detect the early symptoms of this condition it is important to not let it pass or wish to give you a solution with dubious methods or medications that in many cases do not give the expected results. In fact, using them only you mitigas this condition but you can not heal him completely.
  4. Finally, a great recommendation is stay informed about hemorrhoids. In this way you will know what steps you should follow and what are the best decisions that you can take in this regard.
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