What are the benefits of stop smoking?

¿Qué beneficios obtenemos al dejar de fumar?
Tobacco is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, around one billion people could die because of this addiction in the 21st century. While it is true that it is not an easy task, nor is impossible. If you are thinking about quitting, read the following article to find out the main benefits you get from the first minute that garments do not a new cigarette.

Changes in the body when you stop smoking

When a person leaves the cigarette, first thing you feel is called "abstinence". The desire to continue smoking or to channel that desire in the food or drink. The process will depend on each one and also whether or not is more difficult. It is more complicated in cases of smoking for a long time (maybe decades) or people who smoke many cigarettes per day (more than 20).
It is not a whim of physicians, relatives, friends and media to talk about the need to stop the cigarette. It is proven that there are dozens the advantages that a person can get from the first moment he decides to quit. Toxins that cigarettes are made are very damaging to health and nicotine is which does not let this vice. He has consulted with several experts in the field and also patients who stopped smoking to ensure they are the most outstanding benefits that obtained with this wonderful decision.

The benefits of quitting smoking

Goodbye to chronic cough: that feeling that is going to expel the lungs, this dry cough that afflicts the majority of those who smoke, disappear in the short term. The so-called "smokers cough" is very common. After the first week without tobacco, you can already start to perceive that there is no need to even clear the throat all the time or that desperation by coughing, dryness in the mouth and sometimes to the stomach.

No more annoying smell

People who smoke do not realize the unpleasant smell that follows your body, your clothes, your hair, your House, your desktop, all in general. It is that they have "lost" smell or are so used to that smell that do not recognize you. After a few weeks of letting cigarette, smokers may realize instantly what person smokes and what not when they move to his side. And the good thing is that they will be slowly recovering the ability to enjoy the fragrance of a flower, a meal or a perfume.

Clean cigarette butts

This may be considered or not as a benefit by quitting smoking, but the truth is it's a very good thing too. Cigarette butts constantly accumulate in the ashtray and are not at all good at work, at home, in the car. Not in pots, at the entrance of the House, etc. this tedious job to clean the remnants of the cigarette disappears to the quit.

Saving money

According to the country and the number of packets that are consumed per day, the person can save a lot of money per month, per year and in his entire life. This extra amount can be used to buy what you want, go travel, change car, send the children to a better school, go to dining out with your partner, do best gifts at birthdays or not being so tied to accounts. According to a study by the United States, a person spends about $200 cigarettes per month. The sum, are around $2500 per year. If that we multiply it by the years that you still have life (not that already passed because it makes no sense), the savings can be really meaningful. Thinks that you it's a life or an extra pension for your retirement insurance.

Improves productivity

Those who smoke in his work made many more "breaks" to smoking than those who do not have this obnoxious habit. If you consider that during the 8 working hours smoke about 10 times, 10 minutes each, it is an hour and a half less time to comply with the obligations. If managers or business owners knew this, no doubt they would want to hire only people who don't smoke. If you are working on their own, imagine how much money you lose your productive time by "burning" your life smoking.

The food tastes much better

There isn't a single answer to this question, but the truth is that barely a person stops smoking, enjoying more food to serve at the table or that she prepares for her family. Some even, at first, can distinguish between flavors and aromas that exist in your dish. Some say that this is because the mouth is cleaner. And should not be fooled by the idea that "when they quit smoking are fattening". Many say that for example, began to put less salt dishes and others who not overflowed the meat with seasonings.

Best physical appearance

Without a doubt, this can see it surrounding the person more than oneself. The skin won't be dry or wrinkled, in some cases regrowth hair or nails are not noticeable stains on fingers or hands, nor on the face that "feeling" of old age. This brings as a consequence many advantages, as for example, improving self-esteem to want to speak with someone or have a meeting work, feeling more confident in an appointment, etc.

A gleaming smile

You've put to think once that a smile as the toothpaste advertisement was not possible? As you try to quit smoking. Your teeth will be much more clean and white, it will disappear a little yellowish tone that makes you look bad and in addition, if the touching with the tongue or the lips will not have that roughness that does not come out even if you brush too hard.
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