How to grow a pineapple at home

If you can, buy organic pineapples, which have not been treated with pesticides. In this way we will achieve our pineapples grow healthy and natural
Cómo hacer crecer una piña en casa
How would you like to have your own pine cones at home? You may find you funny, but whenever we buy a pineapple in the markets, we have the possibility to grow another. How? very easy, using his Crown, those fleshy leaves which has at the beginning. A classic and simple technique that will allow you to grow this wonderful fruit with many properties.

Why grow a pineapple at home?

We assure you that this technique is as simple as amazing. Now not you will have to throw away the remains of the pineapples you buy - at least the same Crown-. Only need a jug with water, a pot with soil and good patience to see it grow. It is a perfect experience for your children that will love to see in person every day.
And there's more why not say it? Pineapple is one of the most healthy and beneficial fruits, diuretic and depurative, it allows us to eliminate toxins, prevents constipation due to their fiber intake, and if esto wasn't enough, pineapples activate the metabolism and elimination of fat. It has potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, B1, B6, folic acid and potassium, improves digestion and eliminates possible intestinal parasites. Fantastic right?
We can make incredible desserts with her as well as tasty juices to start your day with energy. How to resist us well to grow them at home? We teach you!

How to grow a pineapple at home

Well, first thing we need to do is choose a pineapple that is suitable for our purpose. Must be a healthy pina, is not soft when you touch it, and leaves in her Crown are green. Never Brown or dark, but a healthy green. If you have the opportunity to buy organic pineapples, which have not been treated with pesticides or other much better items, so we will get another equally healthy pineapple.
It also notes in its body is dark or grey spots and have no insects. In essence, you are looking for a good appearance pineapple and one that appeals to you by sight.

First step

The first thing we will do is to boot the Crown of leaves of the pineapple itself. Es best do it by hand before which the knife, since it is more natural and we will be able to obtain the roots of the plant. If we do it with the knife we damage it and run the risk of not to curdle its growth.
Excellent, now what we are going to do, it is possible remove pulp from the Crown. This part of the pineapple is the area from which it can get new fruits, hence we have to clean it well for getting the roots back to emerge. We also slice this part below to allow that the existing small buds emerge already in it. Take a look at the photo above, what we have done is find the small roots already present in the pineapple.

Second step

The second step and essential, is keeping in water the Crown from pineapple. Seeks a wide pot where you can fit this rosette of leaves. They must be so for at least three weeks, it is the way in which the roots will end out little by little. It is important that you change the water every two days, and to keep this plant in a place away from high temperatures. Very easy.

Third step

Well, our plant has already taken root that is the important thing. Now comes the important step to a pot. Essential which is a wide, very wide and clay, never plastic pot. As a base, put gravel, this mode will achieve a good drainage and will avoid the pineapple plant rot.
The Earth we will should be normal, that you normally use for other plants. It does not require special complexity or many care. It must be slightly moist, but not very wet or the plant will run the risk of rot. Plant normally pineapple Crown and place it in a place where illuminated him of the Sun -but not excessively.
You must have patience. Pineapple will soon release stronger roots within six to eight weeks. Two months later you have more consistency. Just missing that you water it twice a week. Worry if drop you the leaves, is normal, and again replaced, but keep in mind also that in winter it will stop growing. It will do so in the warmer months. It will soon appear at least one year, but in the end, this beautiful plant will offer you a pineapple.
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