Exercises which help to prevent back problems

Ejercicios que ayudan a prevenir problemas de espalda
The best way to prevent back pain is by a good exercise routine that will help keep the muscles, ligaments and joints in perfect condition, that are really useful to preserve the flexibility and strength of this part of the body.
Back exercises must be performed under the recommendations of a person having adequate knowledge so they give the expected results, to strengthen the muscles of the back of the right way to only need 15 minutes of good practice.

Recommended exercises

Ejercicios de estiramiento de la espalda baja para evitar el dolor

Exercise #1

Lie down on your back and bend your knees, keeping your feet flat on the floor, arms to the side trying to keep your knees together and feet slightly apart. Make pressure in your back against the floor, maintaining this position for several seconds and making at least five repetitions.

Exercise #2

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, you must embrace the knees and bring them towards the chest. You must keep this position for a few seconds, after which you should download first one leg and then the other. He made at least five repetitions.

Exercise #3

Back on the floor and your knees bent is stretched one leg holding your hands behind your knee, until you feel a pull on the back of the thigh. We must remain in this position for at least 20 seconds, then becomes the same procedure with the other leg and do five repetitions with each leg.

Exercise #4

Lying on the floor on his back, bending your knees and with arms to the sides, lift the hips slowly and without bending the back. Form a straight line that goes from shoulders to knees, try to keep this position for ten seconds and download very slowly. Make at least five repetitions.

Exercise #5

You'll need a Swiss ball for this exercise. Put the ball on the floor and supports your stomach it, place your hands on the floor and walk or wheel the ball until it reaches your legs, then resumes and repeated at least five or ten times.


These are very simple exercises that you can do everyday, this way you can prevent or relieve back pain causing so many problems of health, either by excessive work or stress, whatever the cause with this method can be a light relief.
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