Exercises to relax feet

Ejercicios para relajar los pies
Feet, loaded all our weight and suffer if we are many hours standing, with inadequate shoes or if we too sedentary.
We explain several exercises that will help you to relax your feet, decreasing its possible inflammation and allowing us a good rest after the day.

Walking barefoot

All persons who have the possibility of daily walking barefoot on the sand of the beach, the Earth or grass should take this opportunity, since it is not only an ideal remedy to relax a lot the feet, but also to eliminate electromagnetic waves which we charge for our continuous contact with electronics. It is also the best remedy against insomnia.
The ideal would be to walk between half and one hour, and then wash them and dry them well.
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Stepping on a ball

For this simple and effective exercise we will only need a fairly hard ball, as the tennis. We put it on the ground and, while we're standing, we will be stepping on the ball with one foot, trying to press in all areas of the sole of the foot, insisting that most hurt us. We must ensure that we pass through the plant.
Then repeat the exercise with the other foot.
At the end we are left standing and you will notice at the time that the sole of the foot has relaxed much.
This exercise is similar to receiving a foot reflexology session, and helps to stimulate the entire body.

Massage with oil

Ourselves, can get this massage although it's much more relaxing and enjoyable if it can make us it another person. We will use a vegetable oil (almond, olive, sunflower, etc.) or a moisturizer, to which we can add a few drops of essential oil of lavender, which is aromatic and very relaxing.
We masajearemos well around the foot, especially areas notice colder until the entire foot is at a warm temperature. Let us not forget the principle of the calves and ankles.
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Legs in high

For people who often suffer from swollen feet and ankles, we recommend that each afternoon or evening can sit awhile with legs higher, well supported on the wall or on cushions.
To help eliminate that excess fluids can also take ponytail infusions either consume fruits like watermelon, melon, pear and pineapple diuretic. Some vegetables such as onion or celery are also very diuretic and we can take them in broth, although always best during the day and not at night, to avoid the urge to go to the bathroom during the night.

Cold shower

If we have a mobile handle shower we can get a cold shower of calves and feet that will help us to relax the legs and feet and will leave us with a very pleasant, in addition to helping us improve the traffic.
The route that we will do with the spray of the shower shall be as follows:
  1. Climb up the outside of my right leg
  2. Down the inside of the right leg
  3. Climb up the outside of the left leg
  4. When we reach knee height we spent a moment to the right knee and back to the left knee to follow up to down
  5. If we can we do the same journey through the back of the legs, without any change of the knees.

Hot water foot baths

Foot baths with hot water with a very easy to prepare, old remedy and which are very useful for it feel sore or swollen.
In addition, to the water can add you baking soda or even coarse sea salt, which also have very relaxing effects.
Mix two tablespoons of baking soda or salt in the water, that will be how hot we can endure, and we will put your feet for at least half an hour. If we notice that the water cools can add hot water. These baths can do them every day before going to sleep.
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