Benefits of doing 30 minutes of exercises

Beneficios de hacer 30 minutos diarios de ejercicios
The exercise is totally important in our life, helps to keep us healthy and strong. Also allows a greater and better blood circulation, keeping our heart in its best State, obtaining all the nutrients arrive seamlessly to every cell of the body and waste products may be disposed of in an efficient manner.
In today we will discuss the most relevant benefits of daily exercise of at least 30 minutes.

Circulatory level

As well we mentioned at the beginning a moderate exercise routine provides multiple benefits. This activity has an impact on each of the organs of our body. As to the heart, the blood circulates better and that way you can get to all the corners of the body, carrying important nutrients like oxygen, essential for cell metabolism. Exercise helps prevent heart disease, provided that it is consistent.


Exercise acts as an anti-depressant and improves our mood. And why not to mention that it also helps to improve the love towards ourselves, self-esteem. Our body soon will be showing a nicer image both for us and for others, and will affect our security to deal with life in general.

Hypertension and diabetes

People suffering from hypertension, provided your doctor has approved the realization of physical activity, will really benefit with it. Blood pressure tends to be adjusted with the exercise and even accompanied by a healthy diet can be even more productive. Some patients even abandon the medication under professional judgement to lead an active life and eliminating bad eating habits.
As for diabetes, physical activity regulates the levels of glucose, which also equals that in hypertension, if we carry out a healthy routine that includes exercise more balanced diet will notice very positive changes in our body.

Other benefits...

In adults exercise helps delay bone degeneration, preventing the osteoporosis. It helps in the prevention of cancer in particular colon, breast and prostate cancer. Capabilities will be enhanced by increasing blood circulation in the brain. You will be more concentrated, with greater creativity and higher State of alert.
But remember, physical activity could be compared with medication. It is useful and provides benefits while we do it. It is not anything that we are consistent to then put it aside for a time. The benefits mentioned above will be maintained while you continue doing it, but all the good will stop as soon as you return to a sedentary lifestyle.
Experts recommend physical activity of 30 minutes at least 4 times a week. Then if you know all the positive effects that causes your health, decides to start, remember that at the beginning you must go with calm and even can not you get in the first 30 minutes, respects your body signals and if you feel very tired it will be better to go slowly.
Never forget the importance of good hydration, it is necessary to replace the fluids you lose through sweat. The entry into heat is also essential for your routine is not altered by any type of injury. A cold muscle is more likely to be injured than one that has made a correct entry into heat.
For people with high blood pressure it is important to monitor your blood pressure before and after exercise, to avoid any inconvenience. Keep in mind that as we exercise blood pressure tends to rise, but it is then normalized. If prior to start your routine your pressure is high it will be better to wait for it to normalize and doubt applies for professional advice.
Thanks to exercise throughout your body will benefit. You will feel better, more energetic, your body will become more harmonious and slender. Taking into account the recommendations and start your routine, you'll see how the positive effects are not slow to appear
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