14 exercises ideal to reduce waist

To wear a waist is very important to take care of our food and avoid the consumption of sugars. Physical exercises help us to define the area and eliminate fat
14 ejercicios ideales para reducir la cintura
That unsightly look those rolls of fat that have been formed in your waist! There is no way to look good in a bikini or one of those dresses close to the body. And you know well that thicket are the result of the beer and sweets and fast foods that you like, all this excess of calories has been deposited in the form of fat in tissue thickening waist. It's time that you do something about it and I will help you! Get ready to meet the 14 exercises ideal to reduce the waist.

14 exercises to reduce waist

Is true that you need to drink plenty of water, eat at established timetables and healthy as fruits and vegetables, but there is no doubt that exercise is essential to keep your figure. If you're ready I present exercises that will make you look a perfect waist in a few weeks. Select a group of 7 exercises for each day and well warms up your body before starting to avoid injury. Remember that you need to do them regularly to achieve what you want and always with comfortable shoes! ejercicios-abdominales-recopi-668x400x80xX

Exercise # 1: Trunk Torciones

  • Standing with her legs open to the same width of the shoulders and hands at waist, twisting the trunk towards the left and right with your back straight. Perform 30 repetitions.
  • Then place arms at the height of the chest with closed fists and made a bit stronger torciones. Repeat 30 times.
  • Finally, in the same position before he made 30 torciones stretching arm corresponding to each side in turn.

Exercise # 2: Side Torciones

  • Standing with your legs open to the same width of the shoulders and hands on the nape of the neck you do side torciones on one side and the other 30 times.
  • In the same position stretches the arms above your shoulders with crossed fingers and drop sideways trying to touch the ground. Returns to the starting position and do the same movement toward the opposite side. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise # 3: With cane

  • Use a medium stick to perform this exercise.
  • Place it behind the shoulders while holding it with your hands at each end.
  • With her legs open to the same shoulder width performs strong torciones straight to eliminate the love handles.
  • Repeat 50 times.

Exercise # 4: Side Torciones with cane

  • Standing with her legs open to the same width of the shoulders you'll hold the stick above your head in a horizontal position.
  • Get torciones side on each side holding the baton. repeated 50 times.

Exercise # 5: Push-ups of trunk

  • Standing with her legs open to the same width of the shoulders and hands on the nape of the neck you'll bend the body to the front trying to touch the tip of the foot and returning to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.
  • No matter that not make it at the beginning, over time your flexibility will increase.

Exercise # 6: Push-ups of trunk

  • Done the same last year but this time with more open legs going to bend the trunk to try playing an ankle and then the other. Do 15 repetitions.

Exercise # 7: Torciones with legs bent

  • Sitting with the legs bent and your back straight, you are going to perform torciones having arms at chest height. 50 repetitions. This exercise is wonderful for the waist and abdomen.

Exercise # 8: Torciones with legs crossed

  • The position of the legs influences the work of the exercise, this time we must sit with legs crossed and arms at chest height. He made 50 torciones while keeping the back straight and the view to the front.                                                             

Exercise # 9: Working waist from the ground

  • Lie on side with slightly bent legs.
  • Place the hands on the nape and avoiding pulling you will raise the trunk side 15 times.
  • Then you will do the same exercise but this time lifting the legs flexed laterally. 15 repetitions.
  • Finally raises the stem laterally and both legs extended, 15 times.
  • Performs exercises lying down on the opposite side.

Exercise # 10: Working waist from the ground with legs

  • Lying side, extend the legs and put the arm facing the ground towards to the front, well supported while the other is in your neck. Raises the stem laterally and the upper leg 15 times.
  • Repeat the exercise but this time flexed leg laterally and raise you trying to touch the knee. 15 repetitions
  • Repeat the exercise on the other side.

# 11 exercise: Abdominal-waist combination

  • Lie on side with legs slightly bent and twisted trunk to rest your back on the floor.
  • Place the hands on the nape and raises the trunk 15 times. You'll be working the abdominal muscles and the waist.
  • Turn the legs towards the opposite side and repeat the exercise.

Exercise # 12: Moving the legs

  • Lying down face up, with hands supported on both sides of the body, slightly flexed legs and going to twist them together to one side and the other without touching the ground 15 times. Rest 5 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Exercise # 13: Combination

  • Lying face-up, with hands resting on the neck, and extended legs will bend alternate legs and raise the trunk trying to play on the left knee and right. 15 times. Rest 5 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Exercise # 14: The worm

  • Lie down on the floor with legs extended and placed both hands on the neck (without endorsing them to prevent damage to the cervical vertebrae).
  • It elevates the trunk, taking off the chest of the soil, and returns to the starting position. While more you raise you more fat you burn. Perform 15 repetitions, rest 15 seconds and repeat.

To prevent...

Plantas para adelgazar I hope this article you have been out and finally here are some tips that will help you to avoid the deepening of your waist:
  • Avoid being overweight.
  • Limit the intake of foods rich in sugars and fats.
  • Avoid the use of tight clothes that fit your hips because they tend to distort the figure.
  • Dancing can help you to reduce your waist.
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