Children who wet the bed: how to fix it?

Niños que mojan la cama: ¿A qué se debe y cómo solucionarlo?
Physicians and psychologists have called for this problem with the name of bedwetting, although all popularly know it as "wet the bed". It happens when children do not control his urination and urinate while they sleep. Cases of diurnal enuresiscan also occur. It is necessary to pay close attention as parents. Children who wet the bed: is it, how to fix it. Find out more in this article.

What is enuresis?

It's a urination without control of children in more than 4 years of age that, although it tends to affect the hours of sleep, also occurs during the day. This time we will talk about children who wet the bed, a common disorder and has solution.
The control of urination or sphincter is a natural process that unfolds as people grow up, they evolve, they learn, etc. This mechanism matures between 15 and 18 months of age, depending on several factors, such as, parents teach children to go to the bathroom alone, go removing the diaper slowly, etc.
After that time, the child already knows "pee" single (or, at least, it is in the learning phase). There are various techniques used by parents to let the small diapers, how to put them underwear and to learn what is to be wet. The pediatrician, books and grandmothers (always are specialists) can help in this regard.
If education and the process of maturation of the child are successful, then, it will happen to "be great" and go to the bathroom as adults, communicating when you have wishes to urinate. Indicated that, about four or five years, the child is already in conditions to control this physiological need, understand it, and do not require assistance to evacuate.
Until there all very well. The problem arises when the child does not learn after many attempts. Especially while he's sleeping, "does not realize" that you have desire to urinate and makes a regression when baby was and believed to still have the diaper that will protect it. However, the result are the savannas and wet blankets, crying, nightmares and the concern of parents.
Bed-wetting appears five years approximately, It can be intermittent or continuous and, in some serious cases, extend to adolescence. There are many different ways to treat a condition of these features, from psychological to medical. The problem can be solved once the reasons and the main thing is to know and most important thing in these cases is that parents do not lose the calm, not angry, not punish the child or shout it.
Remember that the fact of bed wetting can result in the small great depression, embarrassment, shyness, low self esteem, and if parents berate him, the situation will not improve, but the opposite. With patience, understanding the circumstances and helping to overcome this moment, no doubt the result will be positive.
The probable causes of bedwetting are:
  • Small bladder (if child goes to the bathroom during the day us to realize this).
  • Inadequate teaching to use the bathroom.
  • Stress, nerves, anxiety, changes in home, separation of parents, problems at school, fights with the brothers.
  • Start very early or very late, learning of urination and bladder or bowel control.

Issues to consider if our child wets the bed

It is necessary to give time

If the child is 5 years old and is urine during the night, don't run to the doctor if it only happened once. If it happens on several occasions or nights, then, yes it requires treatment. Otherwise, up to the age of 8, still this is normal.

Do not blame him, not angry, not make fun of it

The punishment is not something that can take the effect expected by the parents, since the small does not control the situation. It is not their responsibility. This can bring as a consequence concern, more tension, nerves, disobeying elders or sensation of failure as a son.

Do not ever you put diapers

niños 3

For various reasons: first, because the idea is that the child grows and matures, and not that involucione. Secondly, because that way you will get used to urinate during the night no matter wet the bed, and third, because it will not feel comfortable, give you shame, it will depress, etc.

Don't make the mistake of denying him drinking water

Prevent it from consuming water is not helping him at all, but it will be a kind of patch that will not improve the overall situation. The goal is not that the child have less urge to urinate, but know to control urination while asleep.

So don't wake during the morning

In this way, go to the bathroom "if she wants to", but this will make your child (and you also) interrupted sleep and that is not good for anyone. Better that he only realizes the message about urinating and wakes up, even when it is in the deepest stage of sleep.
Finally, and as a reflection, it is good to take into account the emotions of the child. Already at an age that they can count what happens without problems. Teach you to trust in you and to express what they feel, why it considered that you wet the bed, etc. Make it part of treatment or techniques to stop it from wetting over and, together, help you out of this situation.
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