Dangers of cooking with teflon and healthy alternatives

Peligros de cocinar con teflón y alternativas saludables
¿Do you know that cooking with teflon pans is harmful to health, according to several investigations that have been made? We must pay close attention to the type of materials that are made kitchenware, since these are in direct contact with food, and usually at high temperatures, so it can produce toxic substances that we would be taking daily.
In this article we explain what materials available on the market (teflon, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, iron, titanium, etc.) what are the most toxic materials and what alternatives can be found that do not affect our health.


Teflon is famous and very effective because it has the ability of cooking without the food from sticking to the bottom of the pan. However, increasingly numerous studies have shown that teflon becomes our blood supply and can affect our brain, liver, kidneys, increasing the risk of diseases such as sterility, cancer or thyroid problems. Synthetic acid containing sticks to foods to be cooked at high temperatures.
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Aluminum has been a material widely used in recent decades, but has gradually been replacing and today only is marketed in some places as an economic alternative. But we should know that aluminum is a heavy metal that is very toxic to our body, related neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. This metal accumulates in the brain and once that is very difficult to remove it. Why we will avoid as much as possible the direct contact with this material and cook with it, especially acidic and salty foods.
He is also discouraged, so example, using alumio paper to wrap food or cooking.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a material quite harmless and good effectiveness in the kitchen, but anyway if you want to completely avoid heavy metals better opt for healthier utensils.


Ceramic pots and pans have been fashionable in the world of natural and ecological. They are much more harmless provided that they are of quality, authentic, and so buy them in shops of confidence. Their drawback is that they scratch easily if not we take care of them well, and some are too little non-stick.
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Cast iron

The cast iron used in antiquity it is very good in the kitchen, especially if we are suffering from anemia, since you will be providing us with amounts of iron. It gives food a slightly special flavor that you may like or not. The inconvenience is that they are much more expensive and very heavy, which may hinder its use to certain persons. To prevent food from sticking we heat the Pan before you throw the food.

Baked clay

In some organic and natural products stores sell pots of mud as also formerly used. Although this is a fairly well, and that also gives a delicious homemade foods taste, must ensure also that it is actually baked clay and does not contain other toxic components. It has as a disadvantage that it is not a fast cooking method, but rather for cooking as it existed before, to simmer for several hours.


In the last few years have also appeared pans and pans of titanium, which are presented as more quality setting, the more healthy, long-lasting and which also allows cooking without a drop of oil. Its drawback is its price, which is very high.

Other materials: plastic, glass, silicone

On the other hand, whenever we want to conserve food we opt for glass, which does not present toxicity such as plastic and also retains better the quality and taste of the food.
If we have to use plastic we ensure not contain BPA between its components, since this has been banned in some countries, especially in containers such as baby bottles.
Finally, we have some containers are silicone, and which can be used for baking. This is an option also quite healthy, provided it is quality silicone.
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