Remedies for spider veins in the legs

To reduce spider veins and promoting circulation we can combine dressings of vinegar with cold showers
Remedios para las arañas vasculares de las piernas
Do you have any in your legs? The vascular spiders are these small blood vessels appearing on our skin as ramifications of purple or Crimson tone. They are annoying, escuecen and bring us problems when wanting to show off our legs. There are who resorts to surgery, but there are some remedies which we can mitigate their impact. Do you want to know how?

How to relieve the impact of spider veins?

They appear in the ankles, calves and thighs. Its appearance is usually due to three factors: genetic inheritance, poor circulation or improper living habits (poor diet, sedentary lifestyle...). It is true that sometimes we can have these spider veins and varicose veins, but it is customary that the incidence of the latter suffer first. If this is your case, worth then that we begin to take action to stop their advance.

1. cold baths in the legs

It is very effective in the morning. When you get up and shower you, 5 minutes dedicated to give you fresh water in your legs. You can even dampen a towel with cold water and wrap your legs with it. Thereby ease inflammation of spider veins and helps us also to invigorate the circulation and to start the morning with a feeling of relief. Recommended for every day.

2. don't forget antioxidants

Zumo de naranja
Well, we know that we must start our days with a cold shower in the legs. What if now we take every day a good orange juice? Excellent. Antioxidants are essential to improve our circulation, oxygenate our blood to improve our tonicity. Be sure to include in your diet from lemons, Grapefruits, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, kiwis...

3 sleeping with legs elevated

Transpiracion pies
Just a little, enough to put a cushion to have your legs slightly elevated, thus facilitate its circulation and avoid spider veins appear with more intensity.

4 remedy with Apple Cider vinegar

Do Sorprendida? Apple Cider vinegar is an excellent tonifcante and relaxing muscle. It will reactivate our circulation. What should we do? Very easy, we'll take a cloth and soak in vinegar, apply it in the area where you have spider veins. It remained for 20 minutes with him in your leg. If you repeat it every day you atenuarás their presences.

5 remedy with avocado and rosehip

Simply ideal. This remedy is especially indicated for each time you finish of epilating. Help us relieve and soothe our skin, as well as revive the circulation and oxygenate us. There are creams from high prices that contain these same elements, so perhaps the only concern you have is to find essential rosehip oil. Lately it is very popular, so it will be easy to acquire it in natural shops and even drugstores. It is widely used in beauty and gets very good results for skin issues. Combined with avocado, it's simply great to our spider veins. Remember to apply it whenever you depiles you.
How to prepare the cream?
You need half avocado and 10 drops of rose hip oil. We start obtain the half avocado pulp, we need above all the greener part, which is attached to the avocado because it has healing properties. Leave it in a bowl and apply Rosehip Oil 10 drops. Later, attempts to obtain a good homogeneous mixture, a paste that is appropriate to be able to apply it.
Once ready, comes as easy, view extending it in those most difficult areas where you usually have spider veins. Is important that wall it bottom up using gentle circular movements in the counterclockwise. You not remove it yet, we must spend 15 minutes so absorbed into the skin. Then, remove it with fresh water. You will see how well notes legs, cared, hydrated and preventing especially the incidence of the pesky spiders vascular.
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