What is the proper tooth brush and how to choose it

Cuál es el cepillo de dientes adecuado y cómo elegirlo
Good oral hygiene is essential. Otherwise we could you have serious health problems, losing some teeth or suffer certain uncomfortable as halitosis or bad breath disorders. That is why Choosing a proper tooth brush is very important, especially nowadays, when the options in this regard are very spacious. Therefore, then help you to know what is proper tooth brush and how to choose it.

The right toothbrush

To know what is the right brush, best thing to do is to visit a dentist. He knows our needs and will recommend us the best option. However, we also take a decision. In any case, the most important thing is to opt for a toothbrush that fits to the size of our mouth. It is also important to know if we have some disease. If so we will have to be more specific.
On the other hand, there are currently on the market various options. For example, brushes that incorporate cleaners of cheeks and tongue or electrobrushes. If we want to buy an electric toothbrush, the recommendation is compare brands to so choose which best fits our needs. This type of brushes are helpful for people who, for any reason, have problems brushing on their own.

How to choose a toothbrush

Cepillar los dientes
To choose the best toothbrush, that fits our mouth and needs, we can also take into account some other characteristics that are important. In this way we will obtain better results when we clean our teeth, in addition to avoid be changing all the time our brush. It is thus that we then suggest some things that you should take into account in this regard.
  • Most experts suggest the best thing to do is to choose a toothbrush of medium texture. In other words, a brush whose bristles are not hard or very soft. In this way, we will protect our teeth, especially its enamel.
  • It is best to choose a small or medium-sized head toothbrush; avoid the large. This is so because, obviously, with a small head brush we can better clean every corner of our mouths and teeth, reaching areas that otherwise we could not.
  • As for the handle, the best is a toothbrush that is non-skid. This will ensure us better control and security, since sometimes a brush that slipping us or escape from your hands can cause us any lesion in the mouth. Moreover, flexible brushes are also good, because in this way we will achieve better cleanse us every corner of our mouths.
  • The bristles of the brush that you choose can have different characteristics. I.e., can be wavy, straight, slightly curves, etc. This we can say it with the help of our dentist. Also, there is no problem if we decided on some brush having cheek and tongue cleaner.
  • Finally, we must change or replace our toothbrush when it has worn bristles or in poor condition. If they are well, ideally every three months. In this way you can avoid the accumulation of germs.
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