The banana, a very beneficial fruit

El plátano, una fruta muy beneficiosa
The banana is a fruit with more energy input. This concept has made many people believe that it is a food fattening, restricting it from your diet erroneously.
The banana provides us with between 80 and 100 kilocalories (kcal) per 100 grams; It is true that they are superior to the 60 kcal which gives us an Apple for example, but it is also true that a banana weighs around 150 gr and one block from weight medium, 250 gr. In addition the banana is very satiating, which makes it the tentempié ideal to soothe our hunger to fee and helps to eliminate liquids, so it is recommended in any diet that it is accompanied by physical exercise.

Banana must imperatively be present in the diet of children, athletes and ultimately anyone for being an important source of carbohydrates and energy, give us multiple vitamins (folic acid, vitamin B6) and minerals, which include potassium. Potassium is essential is neuromuscular and activity in maintaining electrolyte of the organism, being highly recommended consumption in patients with hypertension.

Consumption in athletes

As we have said before, banana is very used by athletes, but as you eat ripe or green, its composition and caloric intake speed will vary.
Green bananas contain much starch, which is made up of many glucose molecules and releases energy slowly, therefore, green banana is recommended to take it before you start a physical or activity during the course of a very long lasting (game of tennis, cycling path, endurance race), to have a constant energy input during the same.
Ripe banana on the other hand, contains a lot more sucrose to starch. Sucrose is made up of one molecule of glucose and one fructose, so is absorbed faster and its impact on the level of glucose in the blood is higher. Thus, the banana will help us to replenish our energies after the exercise.

Stomach-level action

The banana is rich in fiber, which helps to regulate intestinal transit in a controlled manner, avoiding the explosiveness of other laxatives. It also has a protective effect on gastric mucosa contain a flavonoid with Antiinflammatory activity and which decreases acid secretion. For this reason, it is benefits in people suffering from gastritis and protects against the occurrence of ulcers.
In short, the banana is a fruit that must always take as its beneficial effects are substantial.
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