8 foods that prevent osteoporosis

Excess weight can also affect the health of our bones so that, in addition to eating foods rich in calcium, it is important not to overload them
8 Alimentos que previenen la osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is caused by deficiency of calcium in the bone, System therefore is very important to know what are the foods that can help increase this mineral as indispensable in our body, especially for maintaining the health of our bones. Among the food products that we include in our diet we can highlight the following.

Fish and seafood

Seafood most recommended to prevent osteoporosis include sardines, tuna, the rooster, clams, prawns, among others.


Legumes are rich in calcium, can also provide very good amounts of fiber. However, the realization of an adequate and accurate cooking is needed.


Vegetables most important to prevent osteoporosis are spinach, broccoli and the chard.

Dried fruit

All nuts are rich in calcium, but that more calcium can contribute to the body are almonds, but should be very careful and not exaggerate their consumption, since they provide many calories.

Vitamin K

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This vitamin is important in the production of the protein called Osteocalcin, which helps to correct bone mineralisation. Foods containing it are chard, broccoli and lettuce.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can not miss in our diet to prevent osteoporosis, since it helps to form, maintain and repair the bone structure. This important vitamin-rich foods are citrus fruits, green peppers and kiw, among many others.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for calcium to absorb, not would be nothing consume calcium-rich foods if we do not consume vitamin D which requires the Agency. This vitamin is found in tuna, mackerel, blue fish, salmon and some fortified cereals.

Vitamin A


This important vitamin helps to keep your bones healthy and strong. It can be found in good amounts in carrots, squash and all fruits and vegetables, Orange and yellow.

Additional recommendations

  • You should avoid over-consumption of salt, since this can increase the loss of calcium through urine.
  • It is very important to take a balanced diet, i.e. we must try foods, controlling and verifying caloric to each input they provide to the Agency, that way we can avoid weight gain, something that may also affect the health of the bones.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of foods rich in phosphorus and proteins, that although they are important in the formation and the health of the bones if they are consumed in exaggerated amounts can cause great loss of this important mineral.
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