3 eco ideas to improve your health

3 ideas ecológicas para mejorar tu salud
'Eco-ideas' calls are in fashion. It is not only a new more optimal way of taking care of our planet, it is also acquiring new habits that will allow us to also take care of our health. A way to surround ourselves with things that can not harm us, free of pesticides, toxic and harmful elements of which defend ourselves. We give you three ideas will be useful. We take note of these ecological ideas?

1. how to eliminate the residues of pesticides of our fruits and vegetables

The use of pesticides is very common when it comes to growing fruits and vegetables. They used to make their production, to prevent pests to attack them and to get the product, until the customer better and with better appearance.
But the reality is that these pesticides are toxic. It is well certain amounts that contains every piece of fruit and vegetables is minimal, but in the long run, can become something cumulative and dangerous that we have to take into account. The principal organ of our body to get rid of such toxic is the liver, we know this. But until these elements from entering our body it would be advisable to get rid of them. How? We will explain you.

Remedy with Apple Cider vinegar

  • The first thing we will do is to prepare a kind of bucket or basin where we clean the fruit and vegetables. We can put for example (and depending on the amount of food) to clean three glasses of water and a glass of apple cider vinegar. We then soak each piece of fruit and vegetables for a moment on this preparation. Only a few seconds but introduce your them completely. Then we enjuagaremos with normal water and let them dry.
  • Keep in mind that, on occasions, used pesticides that have up to dyes, are therefore difficult to remove, thus, it is necessary to help us by a brush.
  • There are certain products that are considered more toxic waste carriers. They are usually the following: strawberries, peppers, spinach, cherries, peaches, cantaloupe, celery, apples and cucumbers. what if we spend a more thorough cleaning? Don't miss one of the best ecological ideas that most can do for your health.

2. how to purify our water with nopal

Surprised? You can make it look one of the most curious ecological ideas, but we assure you that it is actually a very old custom, already used by indigenous communities. A wonderful remedy that completely eliminates the toxins present in the water.
And it is that we like or not the vast majority of the countries with the largest populations worldwide, should keep that in mind that sometimes the water that comes from the tap is not free of harmful elements, albeit on a small scale. Then what can we do? If you can access the beautiful prickly pear cactus, can drink a water free of toxins and bacteria that may be harmful to health. More than 98% of them are eliminated by the rubber that produces the nopal cactus. You will learn how:

How purify water at home with Cactus?

    • To purify the water with Cactus, is really easy. We will start with a liter of waterfor example. We will start acquiring a few prickly pear cladodes. But we will use only one of them, rebanaremos it with care and put it in a pot with boiling water. Wait until it boils, at least ten minutes.
    • Once is boiling you will see how the plant begins to let go a kind of baba. This thick liquid is what will serve to purify the water. We will collect it with a spoon or simply with a fine mesh strainer.
    • What is the next thing we will do? Put this baba in a jug of water, the liter of water that we want to purify. Let stand for a couple of hours and you'll see how the water will be clean and free of sediment. We turn to filter with a very fine sieve - and even with a clean cloth - and already have the list to consume.

3 toothpaste made in house cheap and ecological

All toothpastes we buy usually have in their composition of triclosan, belzalconio chloride , chlorhexidine, chemicals which can cause skin irritation and favour the resistance of the bacteria. In addition to this, recall that the toothpaste comes wrapped in a plastic container, which further enhances the presence of chemicals. We offer you as you develop it, and you do it with your children so have fun and learn how to make natural products. Do you want to know how?

What do I need?

  • Sage or thyme.
  • Mint essential oil.
  • Sea salt.
  • White clay (important as it is for internal use, also can have the name of kaolin).

How do I do it?

  1. We will start making an infusion with the Sage or thyme, (you know, a boiling Cup of water with a small spoon of Sage or thyme). Then, we filter the content.
  2. Then, take two tablespoons of the infusion that we have done, and add two drops of essence of peppermint oil and a pinch of sea salt. Very little.
  3. Is the time to add the white clay for internal use. Enough with 3 tablespoons, there where we include content made before, you know: the two tablespoons of infusion mixed with the scent of Mint. Mix it well to make it uniform.
  4. Looks for a suitable jar one glass with lid, for example, to then maintain this toothpaste always in the fridge. One of the best ecological ideas for our day to day. I am sure that you do very well.
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