How to return to exercise after a long time

Cómo volver a hacer ejercicio después de mucho tiempo
Perhaps you have suffered an injury, you've had a baby or you've changed jobs. Indeed, making several weeks or months that you don't move your body more than you need. And each time it costs you more return to the ring. Why? Because, for example, you think that already you will not be like before, that you can not stretch or bend a leg, you will get tired very soon.
All that is true, but at some point you have to go back to the routine. If you find yourself in a situation like the recounted before, please do not hesitate to read the following article. Learn how to return to exercise after a long time.

The first step is the most difficult

It is said that most importantly, last for one week and the hardest thing is to reach the month of gym, training or sport. When we suffer an accident, have more work than before, the children arrive, we got married, started to study or start winter, it costs us more to comply with the routine and leave it, in the hope that at some point the planets are aligned, and all conditions to return.
As already said, the most difficult thing is deciding to start all over again. Because if it has been some time (a few months), it seems that never in life we have put the gymnastics team. Even though for years we have done exercise.
Once you habitues you movement, this will become an automatic task. The first week "of adaptation" will be very important. If you manage a month of routine, it will be more difficult to leave.
As a first step, you have to know that sport is synonymous with good health. Not only helps you lose weight, but it also improves the heart and respiration rate, cleans your blood, eliminates toxins, you release tension, reduces stress, you feel in a better mood, you are more flexible and strong, you sleep better nights, etc.

Tips for return to exercise after a long time

Pay attention to the following tips to return to physical activity after a long time of "doing nothing":

Select the reasons for sports

We all have a specific reason to do exercise. Nobody but you knows it and is necessary to put it as an objective clear since before starting again.

It begins little by little

Do not pretend to do so before stopping of exercise again. If before you ran 2 km, now give thanks if you can jog 5 blocks. Have patience, do not you sobreexijas. It begins slowly and sees increasing burdens, difficulties or times.
If, for example, you were at advanced level, you won't come ill return to the beginner, at least for a few days. Then goes to the intermediate and in a month you'll be ready for action as long ago.

Be realistic

It is also important that you understand that you will not be in shape or in good physical condition after months of not exercising. Although you can immediately enjoy the benefits of activity, it is also true that it is not magic or miracles. If you've increased weight or give offers that you need air or resistance, understands that it is due to your lack of movement, do not get angry or want to leave all.

Make space in your diary

Don't put the excuse most of you don't have time. If you know well organize, you can exercise two or three times a week, one hour each day. Thinks about the time previous to that you ejercitabas. What days and at what time did it? Is it possible to do the same now?

You are looking for variety

This will help you much in terms of motivation. An exercise that is also fun and makes you feel good is doubly beneficial. In addition, you will avoid to get bored and leave again the activity. Test with different things each day or week. For example, Monday walking, Tuesday lifted weights, Wednesday is bike, Thursday dance and Friday runs. It's a grind rather than complete and you'll love it.

It rests

Leave a day after a heavy workout. But that just one (unless it is Friday and you want to return Monday). If, for example, you're sick, you don't force you much and want to hit the gym Yes or Yes. That is not good for you or those around you. You can give permission to miss a class, provided it is the exception and not the rule.

Get company

It is not the same exercise only to go with someone. It may be a friend, your partner, your brother or a work colleague. It is a good idea to feel motivated and, above all, to have a good time. But attention, who gather to exercise, not to talk or eat. You can do that later.

Set yourself realistic goals

Do not pretend to do the first day back to exercise, because it will be very difficult. The objectives that you always determines should be easy to achieve. In this way, you'll feel better with yourself and you can go ahead. You not be, exercise should be something beautiful, not a suffering or torture.

Reward you

By whenever you reach a goal, give you a prize or a present. Small! (especially if we talk about food) For example, going to the movies or buy you some clothes. This will give you more willing to exercise and achieve your goals. At this time you need motivation from wherever it is, that such aid does not hurt anything.
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